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college studentHemant Bharat is a student native to Hyderabad, India, attending UW Bothell to garner a B.A. in marketing. He was referred to the Center for Foreign Students (CFS) at UW Bothell by Professor John Wilkins, who presides over the courses English 100 and English 101 at UW Bothell. Wilkins has sent Bharat to the CFS for a series of counseling sessions that would aid him in integrating with student life and his current studies in the U.S.

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Background (excerpt)

Home Life

Bharat lives with another foreign exchange student from India in an apartment in Shoreline. Living in this small community seems to do Bharat well overall, though it has some negatives. It has been reported that his living partner, Bhimsen Vashi, has been engaged in the heavy consumption of alcohol. Vashi sometimes does not do pull his weight in tasks that involve the cleanliness of the living space. This affects Bharat, as he has to do more cleaning than usual, and has to study in an environment where a living partner is unruly and disruptive.


Bharat is attending five classes: English 100, Physics 101, Marketing 200, Business 210, and Statistics 102. His professors describe him as a quiet, self-sufficient, and determined student. John Wilkins of English 100, though, has assessed that his English is below the 100 level and he may need to attend English 90 or become more involved with English tutors to make his grades higher than a D in English 100. Besides this mark, Bharat has a C+ in Physics 101, a C in Marketing 200, a B- in Business 210, and a C- in Statistics 102.

Wilkins’ Concerns

Since Bharat is struggling to understand the text that is in textbooks, not only in his English 100 class, Wilkins suggests he should take his English language learning more seriously. Wilkins recommends Bharat to attend a tutoring session every day, even on weekends, to improve his reading and oral English. This is recommended with the intention to make Bharat a more competitive student.

Wilkins notes that Bharat is bright and willing to learn, though Bharat has expressed frustration in comprehending university-level vocabulary and word usage in English. It was then recommended that a counselor from the CFS would report Bharat’s willingness to study more English to compensate for his circumstance to his other professors besides Wilkins. This would ease Bharat’s frustration and save his grades from deteriorating further.

Assessment (excerpt)

Individual: Bharat’s struggle with English at the university level has made him at times despondent with friends and disappointed with himself. Despite these drawbacks, he is competent and has perseverance.

Living Situation: Vashi, his living partner, may be supporting Bharat through his culture shock, although his heavy usage of alcoholic substances is not encouraging. This activity has created more stress for Bharat, as he has to engage in more cleaning than would be usually accorded to him, and he is disturbed from his studying.

Professors at UW Bothell: At present, Bharat’s professors, besides Wilkins, do not show their adaptability to Bharat’s circumstance as a struggling foreign language student. They consider him to be like any other student they teach, and do not give the proper consideration to Bharat’s ordeal.

Intervention (excerpt)


Daily English-language tutoring sessions were arranged for Bharat at no cost through the UW Bothell Writing Center. The tutoring sessions were arranged by Bharat’s counselor at the CFS, Reese Gaddy.

Cooperation of Professors

Counselor Gaddy made an appeal to Bharat’s professors to accord him consideration through formal letters. Professors Nichols Gorn, Mabeline Jacund, Richard Somer, and Mary Sabel were contacted.

Weekly Counseling Session

Bharat is scheduled to attend a 30-minute counseling session with counselor Gaddy every Saturday at 2 p.m. Wilkins made a formal written appeal to the CFS for this enactment.

Confronting the Living Partner

Counselor Gaddy has instructed Bharat to use a cleaning timetable at his residence in order to involve Vashi more in the maintaining of cleanness. If Vashi does not comply, Bharat was instructed to look for another living partner that would be more responsible.

Referrals (except)

Online English Learning Courses

Bharat is eligible to attend online English learning courses at Sumpton Univerity. Counselor Gaddy will contact Sumpton Univeristy via email and write up her appeal to the institution to include Bharat in their free courses.

CFS Community Groups

Being a foreign language student at UW Bothell, Bharat is encouraged to attend English language community groups at the CFS. These groups have engaging learning sessions with like-minded participants. Besides extracurricular learning, these groups would encourage Bharat to be involved in more community-building activities.

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