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Great news!

Our company won the grand prix in the annual contest “New Advertising: 2013” in the category of Company of the Year.

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For us, this victory means first of all an increase in the number of arranged deals, an expansion of services, an increase in salaries, as well as improving working conditions. So, our top-management thanks all of our employees for their great work, which helped Regulus Ads win. As a sign of our gratitude, we are granting every staff member, who is not top management, with bonuses of 10% from their regular salaries. Good work!


Great Party Planned

This year, it turned out the anniversary of Regulus Ads matched with the aforementioned contest victory. Which means instead of one significant reason to organize a great party, we have two! Considering all that, we invite our employees to attend the celebration, which will take place on Friday, 7 pm, at the “Whiskey Shelter” club. There will be live music, tons of various snacks and drinks, fun contests, valuable prizes, and as usual, a friendly atmosphere.


And a bit about our planned vacation. As they say, thinking about a vacation is never a waste of time. This year, Regulus Ads invites all those who feel enthusiastic about the great open-air pastime of camping to spend a week on the lake shore, at the expense of the company. Living in tents, hiking, fishing, preparing food on open fire, and singing with a guitar in the evening—what can be better for a vacation? Those who would like to go must make an application to an HR manager no later than the 31st of April, 2013. Considering the number of enthusiasts is limited, only 30 applications may be submitted.

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What Do You Think?

Recently we’ve been thinking about improving and optimizing the working conditions for our employees. In particular, we think the computers we use at the moment could be substituted by newer and more powerful ones. The installed Windows XP operating system could be changed to the newest Windows 8 as well. Considering this, we ask you to express your opinion on the subject:

  1. Great! Replace my hardware and the OS right now!
  2. I’m okay with my computer, but I could check out that new Windows 8.
  3. Give me the new computer, but don’t you dare to touch my precious Windows XP. Gr-r-r!
  4. I won’t let you change anything at all, I’m an ultimate retrograde.
  5. Uh… what?

Greetings to Our New Coworkers!

And last, but not least, greetings to John Malkovich, who will be working as a sales manager, and Joanne Johns, our new PR manager. We wish you success at your work, and good luck.

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