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The Psychological Center at the NGO “Trust,” on January 10, will hold a seminar on the topic, “Introversion and Extroversion: Know Yourself” for all people who want to learn more about their own nature, better understand the nature of others, and who are enthusiasts of psychology. The event will take place at 6 p.m. at the Fairview City Hall.

The main goals of the seminar will be to educate the attendees about the features of introversion and extroversion, how to identify each, and to accept their own natural tendencies. In addition, it will offer effective methods for establishing communication with other people without trying to be someone else; understanding different personality types in other people, and learning how to let them be who they are.

Dr. Samuel Fieldman, holding a Ph.D. in Psychology, will educate attendees about American stereotypes concerning introversion and extroversion. The audience will learn why extroversion is not always preferable and what strengths introverts possess. In addition, Dr. Fieldman will highlight the significant features typically found in these personality types and explain how and when these traits can be most beneficial.

Later, Dr. Judy Smith, also holding a Ph.D. in Psychology, will offer attendees several tests that will help them identify which personality type they possess. She will educate visitors on ways to track the manifestations of personality type in their everyday behavior and how to get used to certain complications that may arise from either being an introvert or an extrovert. The attendees will learn to accept who they are, and how to reap the maximum benefits of this.

Finally, Dr. John and Lillian Horowitz will introduce effective methods of interpersonal interaction for each personality type, which may help individuals deal efficiently and comfortably with other people and with their environments. They will offer visitors a set of mini-games that imitate different life situations that illustrate how introverts and extroverts usually behave within a given situation. They will also explain both how to get along with opposing personality types and how to best express oneself.

The Psychological Center at the NGO “Trust” has been around for over 15 years, regularly arranging various training programs, seminars, lectures, and other activities. The Center’s scope incorporates issues of personal growth, personal, and business communication, techniques of self-knowledge, as well as emergency psychiatric care, and the treatment of neuroses and other psychological problems.

The seminar is free; however, attendees must register by phone at least two days before the seminar by calling the number specified below. Space is limited.

Psychological Center at the NGO “Trust”

118 Baker Street
Fairview, WY, 83119
Contact: Jeremy Watson
Phone: 914-111-5033
[email protected]

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