The Greatest God

greatest godThere have been many gods that have been worshiped in countless cultures. Even in one state in one country, thousands of gods can be worshiped. Some gods have gone out of fashion, so to say, while others have stayed popular. Which god among these innumerable gods is the greatest, or ultimate one? This question is pertinent, as if we want to worship a god and spend our lives worshiping it, we should know which one is the most important. To answer this question, we should look at what powers this god should have.

The ultimate god should be eternal. Most gods are eternal, though some in history are known to have died like human beings. The highest god should not be able to be afflicted by any mortal wound or malady.

What is an ultimate god without being all-powerful? But as logic has it, no god who is eternal can be absolutely powerful, as a god who is eternal cannot cease to be. This is a limitation that all “limitless” gods have. Anything is possible for an ultimate god, except its own demise.

Being singular has its benefits. The ultimate god should be the only thing in existence. What we perceive as being separated from this god should be this god itself. All life is this god itself—nothing more, nothing less. An interesting point to take into consideration is that some of its manifestations are not conscious of its true state, of being god. This brings us to the next point.

This god can be conscious and unconscious simultaneously of its true state. It is like a set illusion this god makes to watch its own journey to become itself. In a way, we can say mortal beings do not fully understand this god’s nature.

I won’t give this god a name, and I don’t think it needs one. I know some religious people, spiritual people, and people in general won’t necessarily agree with the statements above, but I think it might be a good exercise in pondering about God and/or gods.


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