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1st Verse

I will break your premonitions like glass
show how your ideas are cheap as grass
I will become my own lauded teacher
writing lessons for my life before
they happen, like a tarot card eater
mastering destiny like an ancient seer
you told me I was without any reason
I say you have made your own prison
locking yourself in compact ideas
applying them as if you have the cures
for your own ailments, a crooked mind
that twists itself and others in a bind
your criticism is less than zero’s zero
I always make myself the inimitable hero
sitting straight on my grand self-throne
conquering the mundane, blood and bone

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People tell us how to behave
just know they are depraved
pushing their ego to make someone
in their own image, as if God’s son

2nd Verse

They want to rule, reign, create ruckus
without an idea of what it means to be us
hoarding power for their own selfish sake
never giving those below them a break
whipping them either physical or mental
we are slaves to the greedy and powerful
but the chains on our body are made by us
by not opposing our oppressor’s thrust
freedom can be achieved with simple ease
if we come to our senses and start to believe
in our self-mastery and live with grace
to not live on our enemies’ strangling brace
why depend on these greedy, grubby hands
when we have a body of our own to mend
the world around us with, constructing
more than just ego games, creating unity


People tell us how to behave
just know they are depraved
pushing their ego to make someone
in their own image, as if God’s son

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