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specificA common practice in college writing classes is to compose a journal entry that shows how well you can describe a single object. The more subtle or small the object is, the more impressed your teacher will be. Writing these type of journal entries on your own is a sound idea as well. For an example of this type of writing, here is a description of a computer mouse on a desk:

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Its top is dark gray, shimmering with light from the overhead lamps above it. There is a section below the top that is approximately a few centimeters that can be described as pitch black in color. Below this insertion, the color of dark gray comes into the fold again. Red infrared light shoots out of the bottom portion of the mouse. The glass casing for the infrared light is white.


The computer mouse is mostly composed of hard plastic, though it has a stiff rubber wheel that is used for easy navigation of virtual pages. It has an optical device on its bottom made of glass. It sends signals to the computer as to its placement. Stemming out from the mouse is essentially a rubber tail with metal/plastic wiring that is held within.


The shape of the mouse varies. The topmost piece of the mouse is curved much like a lunar moon to provide easy access for a human hand to rest on the device. The black slit of plastic beneath this section of the mouse is also curved to match the previously-stated shape. The bottom piece of plastic, though, changes in shape. Despite the higher part of the bottom piece being curved to flow with the topmost shape, the lower part of the bottom section is flat.


At the tip of the mouse on the topmost section, there is residue left over from handprints and the drinking of beverages with sugar that have become coagulated on the click points of the mouse.

Between the black plastic slit and the bottom piece is beige dust. It is mostly gathered at the sides of the mouse, though traces of it can be found near the length-wide sections of the device.

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