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pmo-fact-findCommunicating to readers is one of the most essential tasks of a writer. Can you imagine a person talking to you and you can’t understand what they are saying? It is equivalent to what a writer is doing when they do not aim for communication.

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The following are the different elements of changing indiscernible text into understood material.

Element 1: Make it more specific

Original Text

Doctors are really super people that make the world go round. They can fix anything. They get big degrees and give people help. Making tons of money, they usually buy big houses, siting in them not often.


Medical doctors are significant assets to humanity in terms of human-to-human support, aiding in the cure of peoples’ physical ailments. With an education that spans usually over 6 years, medical doctors study a wide-range of physiological issues and their solutions. Having such a rigorous education, medical doctors commonly earn over $90,000 annually. There is a rumor that medical doctors always have expansive residences, which is not true.

Element 2: Make the meaning clear

Original Text

Horse competitions are a jovial carousal that untangles our inhibitions and massages our brains to sanctuary.


Visiting horse track races can improve our mood and give peace to our mind.

Element 3: Cutting the unnecessary

Original Text

His face sparkled, shimmered, blasted with light, ran over with stars—it was a total universe of brightness.


His face shimmered with glorious light—a universe of bright.

Element 4: Changing awkward sentence structure


I was told the shovel needed more dirt to work with.


In order for us to use this shovel for its purpose, we need more dirt.

Element 5: Strange punctuation


“Dinosaurs, ruled Earth; for too long.”


“Dinosaurs ruled Earth for too long.”

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