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November 25, 2015
Mr. George Tooney
Head of Department of Graphics
Silverton College of Arts and Design
25 Washington St.

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Dear Mr. Tooney,

Since I am a curator and a supervisor of a group of students working on a project with which they are going to represent our college at the international fair of arts in Paris, in 2016, one of my direct tasks is to monitor the activities and the performance of all the students involved in the preparations for the fair. This letter of evaluation regards the whole group of students participating in the fair; the members of the group are Julia Alvarez, Jenna Simpson, and Rachel Crossbe.

All three of them are fourth-year students, studying in the department of graphics. In this project, each of them has taken on a specific role: a search to synthesize graphic visual arts with music and choreography.

Julia Alvarez is the leader of the group; her responsibilities include scheduling and managing the group’s activities, solving all kinds of organizational problems, communications, financing, and promotion. The main idea of the project and its detailed development belong to her as well. She is obviously doing her best to try to accomplish all the volume of her tasks on time, and she proves to be competent in this matter. The only thing I would recommend Mrs. Alvarez to do is to be softer and more careful with her subordinates, because her explosive nature often causes her trouble in communication with colleagues.

Jenna Simpson is the lead artist and designer. Her role is providing all the necessary graphic and visual support for the project. I have been a teacher of academic drawing in Mrs. Simpson’s class in 2012-2014; she used to be a bright student back then, but now she has improved her skills even more. Her individual style needs to be worked on, but her technique is already honed and complete. I would recommend Mrs. Simpson to stop drawing in a manner popular nowadays, and focus more on developing her personal style.

As for Rachel Crossbe, she unfortunately has demonstrated the worst results so far. Mrs. Crossbe is responsible for choreography; in particular, her task was to develop a set of moves for the dancers; find these dancers and organize rehearsals with them; solve the problem with licensing; organize a live musical background for the performance. Of all these tasks, Mrs. Crossbe has barely managed to find several dancers—the rest is yet to be accomplished, and it does not seem that she is interested in working on the project. I am afraid Mrs. Crossbe might be a burden for the rest of the group, and would recommend to substitute her with someone more competent.

In general, the group demonstrates positive results, and if not the irresponsibility of one of its members, it could have already reached significant success.

Thank you for your time and concern,

Ted McMurphy

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