People Against Cancer

From: David Nicholson
“People Against Cancer”
223, Chestnut St.
Asheville, NC 28803
Phone: 574-991-019

26th November, 2013

To: Spencer Donaldson
15, Lincoln Dr.
Asheville, NC 28803

Dear Mr. Donaldson,

If you are holding this letter in your hands and reading it, then most likely you are a kind and generous person, unlike many who threw it in a trash bin immediately after seeing the logo of our charity organization. Therefore, we hope you will take another step and at least read through the letter; the family of Gorden, on behalf of whom we are writing to you, cherishes this hope as well.

“People Against Cancer” is a charity fund that organizes donations for families who have face cancer, but cannot afford treatment due to financial circumstances. The family of Jenna and Mike Gorden have addressed us, desperately seeking help for their nine-year-old son Eugine, who has been diagnosed with leukemia two years ago. Jenna and Mike have spent the funds they had, and mortgaged what they could on treatment and medicine for Eugine, and the child seems to be getting better. However, he still needs one more operation—the most expensive, but the most efficient one. Doctors say a high chance exists that after this procedure, the disease will be faint. The most pressing problem is that when the Gorden family is just one step away from curing their son, they have no more financial resources left.

Your donation, along with those that were already made by hundreds of people around the state of North Carolina, will allow Eugine’s parents to place their child in one of the best American clinics specialized in fighting cancer. Since every minute of delay decreases Eugine’s chances, and especially considering how close the boy is from recovery (PAC has gathered about 92% of the required sum so far) we appreciate any donation you can afford, be it ten dollars or a thousand.

Of course, you may have no opportunities to come up with financial aid. In this case, please do not feel disturbed—we will definitely manage to gather the funds due to the efforts of other sponsors. But your participation would make a significant and valuable contribution to the matter of rescuing the child.

Your aid would be most helpful for Jenna and Mike Gorden, and especially for their little son Eugine. Thank you for your understanding and support.


David Nicholson

Director of “People Against Cancer”


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