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Fundraising Letter Samples

In order to get needed funds for your social project or community development organization, fundraising letters are written. Read our fundraising letter samples to know how to write this specific and detailed type of letter.

People Against Cancer

From: David Nicholson “People Against Cancer” 223, Chestnut St. Asheville, NC 28803 Phone: 574-991-019 26th November, 2013 To: Spencer Donaldson 15, Lincoln Dr. Asheville, NC…

ADARC Sponsorship Request

From: John Malkovich Asheville Drug Addiction Rehabilitation Center 56, North Springsteen Dr. Asheville, NC 28803 Phone: 555-677-382-110 21st May, 2013 To: Stephen Fries 221, Reginald…

Sunnydale Town Orphanage Donation Request

From: John Mathews Help Children Foundation 56 Northumerland Avenue Sunnydale, WY 83119 Phone: 555-689-111-333 21st January, 2013 To: Ronald Williamson 117 Reginald Street Sunnydale, WY…


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