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Hey Gerald,

That is interesting that you are heading into the field of technical writing. It seems we are really brothers-from-another-mother. I am doing technical writing and editing right now as well. Organizing a 112-page report must be crazy. I have worked on a report that was about 50 pages and little more, but 112 pages is up there with being grandiose. Do you enjoy the technical area of writing, or are you choosing to go into that field because you see that’s where the money is in writing?

For me, technical writing and editing wasn’t something I chose. It was first a way to get by, and then I found out that I really enjoy it. The current job I have as a content coordinator is a dream. When I started working in the position, I felt as if this was what I wanted to do for my entire life. There is something special about fixing something and making what you have better. Maybe it is in line with my philosophy of continually improving in whatever we do. The staff here are always super friendly and supportive.

That’s impressive that you worked on your car personally. When I had a car, I couldn’t do anything to it except refill the fluids and maybe put on a new tire. I love how you want to learn and dive into every topic of learning.

What about your love-life? Any good news in that sector? I know you have never been too interested in it, but I am just curious what’s going on in that area.

Life in Ukraine is amazing. I know this might not roll with my parents too well, but I am thinking of staying permanently—like at least a few years. I am enjoying learning Russian, the musical opportunities I am getting here are great, my writing has never been more inspired, my meditations are better here, and the culture is refreshing. I think I need a proper break from America. It has been good for me to watch it from afar.

Here is a poem I recently wrote. I usually write on the way to work and back, on the tram or train:

hollow mountain

visited gods the real ones
without form
knew they were there
when I lost myself

when you enter the hollow mountain
what you were born with
wanders for plucking
tearing away what has been ripe
what you have always had stays


I also write poems that are more to the point and ecstatic:

What other purpose
is there to life
than to give it?

How can we give
more to ourselves
than who we are?

We have been given
all we need
at birth

To be born
is to not exist
as our life is nothing
without giving it


I am writing a new book of poems called No More Hunters + Midnight Music. The idea is that the book is separated into two sections: understandable poems and non-understandable poems. No More Hunters is the part with the understandable poems and Midnight Music is the non-understandable poems.

Marriage has been good to me, or rather my wife has. She regularly cooks me amazing food, gives me massages, and is super sweet to me. We have our issues sometimes, but that is nothing in comparison to the wonderful benefits that marriage has brought me. I try to be a good husband by washing dishes, taking out the garbage, cleaning after the cat, making the bed, etc. Marriage is work, but it is a joyful work.

Know that I think of you often, despite my tardiness. You are a dear friend and I can never forget you.

With love,

Brother Si

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