To Jane

sri lankaHey Sis,

It was so wonderful to hear from you and to know you enjoyed your honeymoon abroad. I am thrilled to share my own vacation experience with you, since I know you, of all people, love to hear about travelling and unusual places. So, this time, Casey and I went to Sri Lanka—a magnificent island with incredible traditions and ravishing nature.

To start with, going to Sri Lanka was never actually part of the plan. Our aim was to go to Laos, but my fiance’s colleague just came back from Sri Lanka and literally talked us into changing our plans. Well, I have to say we are very grateful, since this was, without any exaggeration, the best vacation I ever had. It was something between Thailand, with its gorgeous culture and Goa, with its perfect beaches, but at the same time, Sri Lanka was so different and unique that I shouldn’t really compare it to anywhere else I’ve been.

The weather was another perfect part of our overall great vacation. It isn’t too hot in Sri Lanka this time of the year—just comfortably warm and sunny most of the time, so we


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