Grammarly Summarizer Review:
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A*Help Score: 46/100
🔥 published March 11, 2024 - updated March 11, 2024

Quick Overview

Grammarly Summarizer is a tool designed for users seeking swift, straightforward summaries of their texts. While it shines with its ability to condense texts into extra-short, concise, and coherent summaries directly to the point, it falls short in several key areas. The summarizer lacks the focus on keywords, proper output formatting, and including citations, which could significantly affect its use for more academic or professional purposes. With an A*Help score of 46/100, it appears to offer a basic summarization solution that’s free and easy to access, but its limited features and summarizing quality might not meet everyone’s needs.

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The Good
  • Free
  • User-friendly interface
The Bad
  • Average summary quality
  • Lack of customization
A photo of us working with Grammarly's Summarizer
Working with Grammarly’s Summarizer (click to see a bigger picture)

Summarizing Quality – 20/60 ⭐️⭐️

After working with Grammarly Summarizer, all we can say is that its ability to create summaries is more at a basic level. Yes, the tool is capable of generating extra-short summaries, with a minimum character count set at 3000, focusing on delivering content that is comprehensive, concise, and coherent. Still, it doesn’t prioritize keywords, leading to a potential loss of crucial information. The summaries are presented in a single, unformatted paragraph, which, we can all agree on this, highly affects readability and the ability to quickly identify key points. While the accuracy of information is medium, the absence of citations further limits its applicability for research or academic purposes.

Original paper:

Summary from Grammarly:

A screenshot of Grammarly's summary
Grammarly’s summary (click to see a large image)
📖 LengthExtra short
✍️ StyleConcise and staright to the point
🔍 Focus on the keywords
📝 Formatting
✅ Accuracy of informationMedium
📎 Citations
not present in the summary

Value for Money – 8/20 ⭐️

Despite being a free tool, Grammarly Summarizer’s value for money clearly reflects its limited functionality. While it allowed us to insert text for summarization and offered a few basic features like edit/rewrite and a plagiarism check through Grammarly’s separate tool, it lacked more advanced features. There was no option to upload documents, paste links, import images, create a personal library, export summaries, or highlight keywords. The absence of a paid plan means these limitations cannot be overcome by investing in the service, which might deter users looking for a more comprehensive summarizing solution.

A screenshot of choosing a writing style at Grammarly
Choosing a writing style at Grammarly (click to see a large image)
Plagiarism check
3000 characters
Word limit
Price & access

Overall Experience – 18/20 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Grammarly Summarizer offered ud an exceptionally user-friendly experience. The tool didn’t even require registration, making it instantly accessible for anyone needing quick summaries. Its compatibility with various devices and the availability of a browser extension further enhance its convenience, since it allows you to summarize texts efficiently. Yet, we did note a somewhat limited support system, as there were only guides and no direct support chat. Such organization may leave users seek more interactive assistance elsewhere.

A screenshot of the summarizing process at Grammarly Summarizer
Summarizing process at Grammarly Summarizer (click to see a large image)
Registration & User experience


Surely, Grammarly Summarizer stands out for its ease of access and simplicity, making it a go-to option for users in need of quick and straightforward summaries without the hassle of registration or payment. However, its limited summarizing capabilities, lack of advanced features, and minimal user support reflect its position as a basic tool. Ideal for casual or preliminary summarization tasks, it may not fully satisfy the needs of those requiring in-depth analysis, proper formatting, or academic rigor.


Grammarly Summarizer Reviews

Our A*Help team always tries to bring all the existing facts to your attention. To do this, we don’t just try out all the reviewed services ourselves, but also look at what other users have to say about these platforms. We search for feedback on Reddit, Sitejabber, Trustpilot, and and pay special attention to negative experiences. Having such an approach, we try to make sure that you are aware of both the benefits and drawbacks of the chosen services.

Is Grammarly Summarizer a Scam?

No, Grammarly Summarizer is not a scam. It’s a legitimate tool offered by Grammarly, a well-established company known for its writing and grammar checking tools. The summarizer provides a straightforward service of generating brief summaries of texts, free of charge.

Is Grammarly Summarizer Legit?

Yes, Grammarly Summarizer is a legitimate tool. It’s part of Grammarly’s suite of writing assistance tools, designed to help users condense and understand their texts quickly. While it has limitations, it operates as promised by providing quick summarizations.

Is Grammarly Summarizer Safe?

Yes, Grammarly Summarizer is safe to use. As a product of Grammarly, it adheres to high privacy and security standards to ensure users’ data is protected. Since there’s no need to register or provide personal information to use the summarizer, the risk to user privacy is minimal.

Is Grammarly Summarizer Trustworthy?

Grammarly Summarizer is trustworthy for providing basic summaries of texts. It’s developed by Grammarly, which has a reputation for creating reliable writing tools. However, users should be aware of its limitations and not rely on it for tasks requiring detailed summaries with formatting and citations.

Is Grammarly Summarizer a Good Service?

We can’t call Grammarly Summarizer a particularly good service. It can offer quick and straightforward text summarizations from time to time. It can be useful for users who need to distill texts into brief overviews without complex features. Yet, its effectiveness varies, so it can be effectively utilized by those requiring more advanced summarizing capabilities.


> Quality 
LengthExtra short
StyleComprehensive, concise, coherent
Focus on the keywords
No formatting at all
Accuracy of informationMedium
not present in the summary
> Features 
Upload a document
Insert text
Paste a link
Import an image
Create personal library
Export summaries in an individual doc.
only copying summaries
Include highlights: key words/phrases
> Advanced features 
Plagiarism check
in an individual tool
Different languages
Additional customization
> Access & Price 
Trial/free access
Paid plans
no paid plans – completely free
> Registration & User experience 
Trying before registration
Registration form
no need to register
Browser Extension
Time to summarize worka few seconds
Different devices accessibility
> Support 
Guides/ support chat
Guides only

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