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Every student regularly faces tough tasks, and essays are just another challenge along the way. So, students seek help from an essay service to complete their assignments easily and on time. However, the cost can be a deal-breaker since many students often have limited budgets.

We have a solution: affordable essay writing services that cater to all your academic needs. When turning for help you would not want to waste your money on unsatisfactory final results. With that in mind, the A*Help team created a list of services that offer effective assistance without you throwing your money down the drain. You can also have a look at our buying guide where you can find more insightful information on essay paper writing websites. As always, we objectively compile the ranking on personal experience, interactions with these services, and the A*Help scoring system. 

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How We Select Top Cheap Essay Ghostwriter Services (USA) 

Our objective is to assist our readers in discovering the ideal service provider that caters to their requirements, preferences, and budget, by offering authentic, impartial reviews from experts or individuals who have a genuine passion for the topic. To get objective results, our team conducts online mystery shopping. During this experiment, we place orders with writing platforms to analyze all the vital aspects, such as value for money, overall experience, and paper quality. We compiled a list of cheap online essay services that all students can afford and receive high-quality assignments.

We properly examine all interactions, like the user journey, registration, ordering process, communication with support and writers, and most importantly, available promo codes, discounts, and loyalty programs that make these services budget-conscious for the students. More detailed information about the testing scenario can be found here. See How We Test Essay Writing Services for more details about our testing approach. To receive accurate insights, we place two different orders: a 2-page essay with a 6 hour deadline and a more advanced task – a 4-page memo to the CEO with a 7-day deadline. 

Once we receive the finished assignments, we forward them to our partner, a US professor. Mrs. Sybil Low, our collaborating expert and a guest lecturer at New York University, assesses the written work using US university and college-level standards to ensure the final results are applicable in real-life situations.

At A*Help, our ranking criteria relies on professional feedback and analysis of the completed tasks. If an assignment scores below 60 points, it is considered unsatisfactory – in compliance with university standards. 

Hence, our comparison of cheap essay writing services is to showcase to the readers how you can save up and receive a quality task.

Best Cheap Essay Writing Services According to A*Help

Following an in-depth analysis of our mystery shopping, we concluded that EssayPro is the best cheap essay service. It offers the most competitive prices in the market, making it the clear leader in terms of cost. Not only does EssayPro provide budget-friendly options, crucial for students, but it also offers lucrative discount offers. The A*Help team highlights EssayPro’s merits and ranks it at the top for its value-for-money aspect.

Cheap Essay Writing Services With High-Quality Papers: Top 10 List

Top List of Cheap Custom EssayWriting Services

According to our mystery shopping, we present the following list of 10 cheap essay services for academic help:


Essay (2 pages)
Memo (4 pages)

EssayPro is known as the biggest writing helper for students. It has been building its credibility for more than 7 years, creating high-quality papers for affordable prices. EssayPro is here to fulfill the learning students’ needs for the best price-quality ratio. 

Penny-wise EssayPro outperforms its competitors. We paid $32.49 and $38.76 for the orders. The average price for a written assignment on this platform is $35.63. Combined, these were the lowest prices we paid for two written works. Moreover, this essay writing service provides a paper outline, formatting, title page, and unlimited revisions for free.

You can make use of the EssayPro promo code and coupon – the service offers first-time and second-time discounts of 5% and 15% after registration. It’s a valuable addition to the budget pricing model of this platform. Even though loyalty and referral programs are not available on this site, A*Help could not help but point out the low-cost options of Essay Pro. 

Our associate professor, Dr.Low, analyzed two papers written by writers at The assignments mixed grades, with the essay scoring 89.7/100 pts, and the memo to the CEO getting 58.7/100 pts. Sybil Low commented on the drastic difference in grading, implying that the memo could have been edited and formatted more effectively. 

Considering all of the above, we found that working with EssayPro was a cost-effective experience.


Essay (2 pages)
Memo (4 pages)

EssayHub is the platform for students who are overwhelmed by long lists of tasks and easily fall into the procrastination pit.

EssayHub proved to be one of the cheap essay writing services in the US market. From our experience, we claim that this platform is affordable. The A*Help team ordered two written tasks which cost $30.78 and $40.80. These fees are quite reasonable, with the average price for an order being $35.79. 

To top it all, learners can apply EssayHub promo codes and discounts for their first order (5%) and the second one (15%). In the end, you get a well-written paper with a good grade and for a fair price. It should be noted that editing, rewriting, and proofreading services cost an additional price. 

As for the paper quality of the two tasks, the essay was evaluated at 81.8/100 pts, and the memo received 61.4/100 points. Overall the personal narrative showed good results except for the minor mistakes with paper formatting and some grammar issues. However, vocabulary choices and writing style were highly marked. The business memo received a score slightly higher than average. We hope our future mystery shopping efforts will bring better results for EssauHub with complex assignments.  

After A*Help scrutinizes all criteria, it is obvious that the value for money aspect is quite good on EssayHub. We believe it could have been better with additional loyalty and referral programs. 

Essay (2 pages)
Memo (4 pages)

Heavy homework overload, a plethora of unfinished assignments, and poor time management. Domyessay states that they can give you a hand with that. The A*Help team decided to check if these promises are valid. This top-list brings the most budget-friendly services into the spotlight, and DoMyEssay is certainly one of those providers.

We paid $34.20 for the essay, and the service charged us $38.40 for the business memo. This brought the average price to  $36.60. Such moderate fees look like a bargain to students. Despite that, the essay writing service does not offer free limitless revisions, rewriting, editing, proofreading, paper outline, and formatting.

In our Do My Essay review, we wrote that every client can benefit from the website’s coupon codes and a 5% discount that is available with the first purchase. Even though you get the tasks for a song, there are no additional chances, like loyalty or referral programs, to slash the prices more. 

Concerning the paper quality of our tasks, the essay was marked 93.5/100 pts, and the memo to the CEO was marked 78.1/100 pts. The writing standards are remarkable. The narrative almost showed a perfect score. Yet the score of the business memo is lower due to poorly formatted citations and references. 

By and large, Domyessay demonstrated good results in terms of prices. We were delighted with reasonable prices and impressive paper quality provided by this company. 

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Essay (2 pages)
Memo (4 pages)

A popular writing assistance, MyAssignmentHelp, aims to provide high-quality tasks at bargain prices. Not only does it state to be affordable to students, but also this service claims to cover all learners’ academic needs from high school to Ph.D. tasks. 

As always, we painstakingly describe all factors why this platform is worth your time and attention in our review. But for now, let’s dive deep into the pricing criteria of MyAssignmentHelp. 

Typically, for our mystery shopping, we request two different tasks: the personal narrative and the business memo. We were a bit perplexed by the basic pricing approach of this platform. You can only order a 1000-word page which costs $47.3 minimum. Later we came to realize that it was possible to purchase a smaller word count for the task.Consequently, we paid $40 for every paper, which forced us to raise eyebrows again due to identical prices for two different assignments with their special requirements and deadlines.

Luckily, you can obtain MyAssignmentHelp promo codes and discounts after registration. We got 15% and 10% off our orders. Additionally, the service offers a loyalty program that helps gather bonuses through social media subscriptions and placing orders. Moreover,when a customer refers their friends to the website, they get a 10% lifetime commission on all their purchases.

The two tasks, which MyAssignmentHelp wrote for us, received sharply different grades, for the essay was 80.0/100 pts and the business memo 58.6/100 pts. 

On the whole, this service showcases competence in writing academic essays. Yet the unclear pricing system and a lack of expertise in working with business writing come as a slight disappointment. Nevertheless, students can be delighted by an array of discounts and reward systems this platform offers. 

In conclusion, MyAssignmentHelp does well in the value-for-money criteria. However, the pricing system seems slightly perplexing. 

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Essay (2 pages)
Memo (4 pages)

CheapestEssay has been in the market of essay writing platforms for a decade. A fair share of students has completed more than 100K written assignments with the help of this platform. Therefore, A*Help decided to experiment and assess whether CheapestEssay offered students moderately priced help with tasks. 

As a rule of thumb, our team checks every chosen platform equally – according to its value for money, overall experience, and paper quality. As of now, we will thoroughly go through the value for money aspect.

Our two written pieces, the essay, and the memo to the CEO were priced at $40.72 and $47.22. The average cost for these tasks was $43.97. Promo codes, discounts, and loyalty programs can mitigate the financial situation. For instance, new users get 25% off on their first order with CheapestEssay. 

The score of the written pieces by CheapestEssays exceeded the minimum acceptable 60-point mark. The essay received 84.4/100 pts, and the business memo obtained 70.5/100 pts. Both assignments proved to have excellent grammar, spelling, and punctuation, as well as the writing style and tone. 

As you can see, CheapestEssay is an affordable academic essay-writing platform. Furthermore, this company shows outstanding results in paper quality.

Essay (2 pages)
Memo (4 pages)

Founded in 2013, StudyBay offers personalized academic assistance. Skilled writers provide help by bidding to complete the task. This is a rather beneficial feature for students since they can select a writer who matches their financial and professional requirements.  

Money-wise, StudyBay can take you by surprise. The pricing for an average task on the platform is $49.50. However, the two assignments that we ordered had a steep difference in fees. We paid $34 for the personal essay and $65 for the memo.  

Even though the pricing is not entirely wallet-friendly, StudyBay offers promo codes and coupons.The essay writing services tries to cushion the blow by providing a referral program. This way you and your friend can get a $20 discount for the orders. However, loyalty programs are not available on the platform. 

Regarding the paper quality, the personal narration was marked 88/100 pts and the memo to the CEO was evaluated at 57.7/100 pts. The score imbalance happened due to the critical issues with the second paper. The business paper had formatting problems and inaccurate references. 

All in all, even though there is room for improvement for StudyBay, the service shows good results in terms of value for money. Both the referral program and discounts are quite suitable options for the students. 

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Essay (2 pages)
Memo (4 pages)
81.7 is known as a reputable essay service that has trustworthy and diligent writers to help learners in need, as well as reasonable costs for written pieces. The A*Help team conducted the experiment where we personally tried the platform to prove whether all of this was true. offers average prices. The cost of an essay was $50 and the cost of the memo was $52. Owing to the promo code, discount, and loyalty program, you can save up a tad on your assignments. For instance, every client is entitled to 7% off the first order. Additionally, another 5% discount can be requested through the support chat. Moreover, there is a referral program. By inviting a friend to use, you get a 10% personal discount. showed top-grade paper quality results. As for the personal essay, the work was marked 90.3/100 pts. The minor inconsistencies in clarity and reasoning slightly decreased the mark. Regarding the memo to the CEO, the paper showed excellent results in grammar, spelling, and word choice. However, a lack of proper references and formatting resulted in a lowering of the score. 

Everything considered, is an affordable platform that provides great discounts. To top it all, the essay homework help website shows excellent results in terms of quality of the written pieces. 

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Essay (2 pages)
Memo (4 pages)

Yet another academic writing service that the A*Help team evaluates is – During a thorough assessment, we closely checked if the service met the students’ needs and lived up to its promises. This time we will focus on value-for-money criteria.

Having asked the platform to complete two written tasks, we paid $53 for the personal narration and $52 for the memo to the CEO. Our team was amazed to see that the price for the business writing was slightly lower than the standard college essay.  At the first glance, the pricing policy can be regarded as moderate and accessible to students. 

Concerning this matter, every customer can opt for promo codes and discounts from Grademiners. The company provides 15% off on the first order. If a learner tones with Grademiners and wishes to continue working with the service, they can receive more price cuts on their further purchases. Every client can take advantage of the referral program and retain up to $50.

Prior to this point, the essay writing service does its best for students to minimize the expenses on assignments. Let’s discover if the paper quality is as good as the discount system. The essay scored 78.6/100 pts and the business memo scored 65.1/100 pts. As for the personal narration, it turned out to follow all grammar, spelling, and punctuation rules. However, it lacked logic and clarity in the storytelling. Concerning the memo for the CEO, the overall paper quality turned out to be excellent but the formatting was an issue.

Everything considered, Grademiners can be regarded as a budget-friendly service yet with an attractive referral program. 

Essay (2 pages)
Memo (4 pages)
82.3 is a trusted provider of academic assistance for students who are puzzled by their studies. At A*Help, we never miss an opportunity to try out such helpful platforms ourselves. We asked the service to complete two written assignments. 

The A*Help team pays close attention to the cost of orders because it is a valid component of the value-for-money assessment. The price for the essay was $43.20 and the business memo cost $65. The 4-page memo climbed closer to the medium price segment.

Considering this, the platform is on the budget side together with promo codes, coupons, and discounts. PapersOwl allows you to save up to 10% off the first order on the condition that the client is willing to leave feedback about the service on review sites, such as and Besides, the platform sends promo codes and discounts via email. Under the referral program, clients can also earn $35 in their PaperOwl account by sharing an invitation link with friends. Please note that at the moment of our mystery shopping the loyalty programs were unavailable. 

The papers were graded in the following way: the essay received 89.3/100 pts. and the business memo turned out to be 68.1/100 pts. Both written pieces scored above the average bar and showed good results in grammar, punctuation, and word choice. The formatting problems resulted in lowering the grades. It was especially the case with the memo. 

On the whole, PapersOwl is an effective essay-writing platform that offers discounts and reward schemes to its clients. Being on the affordable spectrum, the service also shows satisfactory paper quality results. 

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Essay (2 pages)
Memo (4 pages)

If you are looking for a service that can support your academic efforts, we present PaperCoach. On this platform, you can find help with various tasks from essays to dissertations. To check whether PaperCoach can truly provide for the needs of students, the A*Help team conducted mystery shopping.

PaperCoach charged us $55 for a 2-page essay and $57 for a 4-page business memo. We liked the free bonuses offered by, namely paper outline, revisions, bibliography, and amendments. 

The service offers promo codes and coupons. The discounts are available on the essay writing service and every client can ask for one through a support chat. We received a 10% discount for two tasks in total. Together with a referral program you can receive 10% off on the approved orders. 

Let’s assess the paper quality of the finished tasks in comparison to their price. The personal essay was graded at 97.7/100 pts while the business memo completely missed the mark and received the lowest grade possible – 0.0/100 pts. We requested two revisions from PaperCoach because the first draft did not comply with the university-level writing norms. Our professor clearly stated in her assessment that the work had signs of “the third party preparation”. Even though we requested multiple revisions, our associate professor refused to remove the “3rd party preparation” label. 

In conclusion, PaperCoach does provide some discount and loyalty programs in addition to free features. However, the paper quality should be carefully considered when deciding on your possible cooperation with this provider. 

The Choice of Cheap Essay Writing Services: Final Thoughts

The A*Help team believes that every student should get proper guidance in the educational field. With that regard, we are always on the lookout for a platform that can provide quality help within price availability. 
Having compiled this list of cheap online essay services, our team hopes that you will find the option that meets your needs academically and price-wise.

Our methodology

Here is our testing scenario:

✍ Paper ⭐ Personal Essay (2 pages) 💼 Business Memo (4 pages)
🎓 Academic level Undergrad. (yrs. 1-2) Undergrad. (yrs. 3-4)
✅ Paper format MLA Chicago / Turabian
⏰ Deadline 6 hours 7 days
👉 Paper instructions For this assignment, you will be writing a personal narrative–a story–illustrating an event or experience exemplifying gratitude. In other words, share a colorful story about an experience or event for which–either during or after the event– you feel or felt thankful. An example might be writing about your experience as a senior in high school and the teacher who helped you to achieve your goal of graduating and attending college. Another example might be writing a story about your experience growing up in a rural community, acknowledging that it was this small, but mighty, community that made you who you are today, and for this, you are thankful. This assignment should be at least 550 words. Underline your descriptive thesis statement or the point of your story. No outside/secondary sources are needed. See Appendix C – Formatting and Submitting Your Work See Formatting your Essay: MLA 8th Edition You are the Government Relations Director at a Canadian business. You have been asked to write a memo to your CEO about COVID-related government impacts on your business, comparing two provinces in which you operate. Your assignment is to write & submit this memo Your Task:
1. Choose a specific business you work in (Air Canada, Loblaws, 3M Canada, etc).
2. Choose two provinces to compare for your memo.
3. Research both provinces – what restrictions were in place in both provinces that affect your business? What supports are in place?
4. Write a memo in three parts: (1) how COVID is impacting our business, (2) a comparison of two provinces, (3)reflections on Canadian federalism and any recommendations for the CEO on how to work with governments to lead your business through the crisis

Quick Buying Advice for Ordering Essays: Key Factors To Consider When Short of Money

The list of services that provide academic help with various assignments is vast. Hence, the A*Help team understands the importance of ensuring objective evaluation of each platform and recommending to our readers only those services that can undeniably aid students. In the following list, we narrowed down the broad checklist of criteria to value-for-money and paper quality. By offering these suggestions, our team aims to simplify the decision-making process and, hopefully, save you money when selecting a custom writing service.


The price every student pays for the service is an essential factor that should not be overlooked. First and foremost, the main keynote to remember is that every platform has its pricing system. 

The pricing can be categorized into three groups: affordable ($30-$50), average ($50-$80), and above-average ($80-$100). The price for orders is estimated by the number of pages. The cheapest price per page we experienced during our mystery shopping was $15.4.

Discounts and loyalty programs

As the practice shows, the final price of the essay writing services varies based on individual promo codes, coupons, discounts, and loyalty programs on every platform. Discounts can vary, starting with 5% and ending with 25%.  Any client can receive such bonuses during the registration, get it via email, or ask directly from a support chat. Added to this, there are loyalty bonuses using which you can get cash back for your future orders. Moreover, you can recommend services to your friends and earn referral bonuses and payouts.


The A*Help team values the quality of the assignment. The evaluation factors are based on a mystery shopping approach together with a diligent assessment of the tasks from a US professor, Dr. Sybil Low. Such a technique ensures that the paper meets university standards and is graded according to various criteria, such as language aspects, reasoning, logic, and integrity.  A passing grade for the assignment is defined as 60/100.


How much does an essay writing service cost?

This question would need a broad answer. The cost differs widely depending on the level of the academic assignment, its length, complexity, topic, deadline, and of course, the skills and the level of professionalism of the service provider. 

On the whole, the price for a college-level personal narrative might vary from $15 to $75. If a student requires help with a more advanced writing assignment, the cost can go up to $100 and higher. 

It is suggested to conduct research and compare different essay writing services and their prices before settling down with the platform. 

Is buying an essay from a cheap paper writing service secure?

The matter of security depends on the reliability and credibility of the writing service. The reason why cheap essay writing services are budget friendly is due to many reasons, like smaller profit margins or non-native English writers. However, it is recommended to always search and compare platforms before selecting one. Most importantly, it is vital to opt for a homework website that has secure payment methods, an anti-plagiarism policy, and a confidentiality agreement. 

What is the most legit cheap essay writing service?

To determine the legitimacy of a cheap essay writing service one would need to consider an array of factors, such as the quality of work, reliability, pricing, and customer support. 

To try and identify whether the platform is legit or not, one could research and compare different websites based on their reputation, feedback, and testimonials from previous customers. Additionally, it is required to check if the essay writing service has privacy and plagiarism policies. 

Next, the legitime academic writing site offers their clients revision, refunds, and prompt time delivery. As well as discount and loyalty programs to reduce the cost of the order. In our reviews, we cover only trustworthy and legit services. 

Who can write my essay for cheap?

If a student is looking for someone to help them with their written assignment for a reasonable price, they can turn for help from freelance writers or online writing essay services. 

The latter offers a more structured approach to writing and guarantees revisions and refunds. Additionally, some essay writing services provide discounts to lower the price of the order. 

What is the cheapest writing service?

It is complicated to determine the cheapest essay writing service since the evaluation process can vary on many factors, such as the academic level, time delivery, page count, and the type of an assignment.  

Even though some writing services promote cheap prices, they might add additional cost for other features, like the paper outline, page references or grammar and plagiarism check. 

In this regard, every student should cautiously check and compare an essay writing service. It is advised to pay more attention to the value-for-money and the paper quality ratio.

From our mystery shopping the A*Help team can state that the cheapest essay writing service is EssayPro. 

How to find cheap writers?

If you find yourself in a predicament that you need help finding a cheap writer to help you with the writing process – we suggest you take a look at our list of the cheapest essay writing services provided above. We meticulously assessed these services in terms of value-for-money and paper quality criteria. Our team confirms that these reputable platforms are affordable and can professionally fulfill any students’ requirements. 

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Lulu Long May 12, 2023

These websites might be cheap, but they’re definitely worth it! I’ve used a couple from this list, and the writers always deliver top-notch papers in a timely manner. No more all-nighters for me!

Lottie Huff May 12, 2023

Just a word of caution to everyone here: always double-check the work you receive! Some writers might not be familiar with the specific details of your topic. It’s better to be safe than sorry when submitting your essays!

Zachariah Bennett May 9, 2023

As a college student who’s always swamped with assignments, finding this list of cheap essay writing services was a godsend! I can finally get some sleep while the professional writers take care of my papers.

Saffron Montgomery May 8, 2023

I tried one of these services once and, tbh, the writer didn’t really meet my expectations. The essay wasn’t terrible, but I had to spend time editing it to make it decent. I guess you get what you pay for. 😕

Alanna Byrd May 12, 2023

That’s a bummer, but don’t let one bad case discourage you from trying other services on the list. I’ve had great experiences with a couple of them! They’ve saved me a lot of time on my essays, so I can focus on other aspects of college life.

Rajan Harrison May 4, 2023

I just used one of the services on the list for the first time, and I’m super impressed! The writer did an excellent job, and I received my paper way ahead of schedule. I will definitely be using them again in the future.

Bella Pollard April 27, 2023

Honestly, I’m a little skeptical about these cheap essay-writing sites. I’d rather spend extra time working on my essays than risk getting a low-quality paper. Plus, it feels more rewarding when I write them myself

Bethan Drake May 9, 2023

I totally get where you’re coming from, but some of us just aren’t natural-born writers, y’know? It’s nice to have the option to order a well-written paper when you’re drowning in assignments and still want to maintain a social life.

Alisa Stein April 20, 2023

One thing I appreciate about GradeMiners is that they offer a detailed analysis of their pricing and guarantees upfront, which helped me feel confident in my decision to use their service.

Adam Oliver April 19, 2023

I recently had a bad experience with one of the services listed in this article, and was disappointed with the quality of the paper I received. However, I was grateful that the service offered me a partial refund to make up for the subpar work. While it wasn’t a perfect solution, it did help to mitigate my losses and showed that the service was willing to take responsibility for their mistakes.

Tanya Fernandez April 17, 2023

EssayPro is a great option for students who need affordable and reliable essay writing services. I have used their service multiple times and have always been impressed with the quality of their papers. No wonder they’re number one here

Beatrix Lewis April 14, 2023

As a student who takes academic work seriously, I believe that the quality of the work should be the top priority when selecting an essay writing service. While the cheap services listed in this article may seem appealing, I personally would prefer to pay more for a higher-quality service. The last thing I want is to waste time and energy resolving disputes or dealing with poor-quality work. Investing in a reputable and reliable service can save me from the hassle and ensure my academic success.

Arjun Gibbs April 17, 2023

I completely agree with the previous comment that quality should always be a top priority when it comes to essay-writing services. While affordability is certainly a factor, it should not come at the expense of receiving poor-quality work. As a student, I would much rather pay a little more for a reliable service like EssayPro or Ultius than risk receiving subpar work from a cheaper service. In the long run, investing in quality can pay off better grades and a more successful academic career.

Damien Frost April 13, 2023

I was pleasantly surprised to find affordable essay writing services like 99papers and PapersOwl that didn’t sacrifice quality for cost. It appears that their writers are professional and deliver excellent papers.

Emma Weeks April 12, 2023

While the article provides a helpful list of affordable essay writing services, I worry that students may be tempted to cut corners and use these services to cheat or plagiarize. We need to encourage academic integrity and discourage cheating in all its forms.

Samira Clarke April 10, 2023

I’m surprised Custom Writings is nowhere to be found on this list. They’re usually featured everywhere as one of the top performing company, and they ain’t expensive. I’d imagine they should be here as well.

Anisha Torres April 9, 2023

The article rightly points out the importance of checking for plagiarism and guarantees before selecting an essay writing service, which is why I trust services like WriteMyPaper4Me.

Lincoln Bridges April 8, 2023

LOL, I just saw this list and thought, “Why write essays when you can just order them?” 😂 But seriously, it’s good to know there are affordable options out there for those of us who struggle with writing or just need some extra help from time to time.


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