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published April 7, 2023 - updated December 7, 2023

Every student regularly faces tough tasks, and essays are just another challenge along the way. So, learners seek help from an essay service to complete their assignments easily and on time. However, the cost can be a deal-breaker since many students often have limited budgets.

We have a solution: affordable essay writing services that cater to all your academic needs. When turning for help you would not want to waste your money on unsatisfactory final results. With that in mind, the A*Help team created a list of services that offer effective assistance without you throwing your money down the drain.

Top List of Cheap Custom EssayWriting Services

According to our mystery shopping, we present the following list of 10 cheap essay services for academic help:

1. EssayPro

💰Avg. price$35.63
✍️Essay Price$32.49
💼Memo Price$38.76
🌟A*Help Score77.1/100

2. EssayHub

💰Avg. price$35.79
✍️Essay Price$30.78
💼Memo Price$40.80
🌟A*Help Score71.8/100

3. Domyessay

💰Avg. price$36.60
✍️Essay Price$34.20
💼Memo Price$38.40
🌟A*Help Score78.9/100

4. MyAssignmentHelp

💰Avg. price$40
✍️Essay Price$40
💼Memo Price$40
🌟A*Help Score80.88/100

5. Cheapest Essay

💰Avg. price$43.97
✍️Essay Price$40.72
💼Memo Price$47.22
🌟A*Help Score77.73/100

6. StudyBay

💰Avg. price$49.50
✍️Essay Price$34
💼Memo Price$65
🌟A*Help Score82.43/100


💰Avg. price$51.21
✍️Essay Price$50.02
💼Memo Price$52.40
🌟A*Help Score81.7/100

8. Grademiners

💰Avg. price$53
✍️Essay Price$53
💼Memo Price$52
🌟A*Help Score77.5/100

9. PapersOwl

💰Avg. price$54.10
✍️Essay Price$43.20
💼Memo Price$65
🌟A*Help Score82.3/100

10. PaperCoach

💰Avg. price$56
✍️Essay Price$55
💼Memo Price$57
🌟A*Help Score67.4/100

The Cheapest Essay Writing Service According to the Review (2023)

Following an in-depth analysis of our mystery shopping, we concluded that EssayPro is the best cheap essay service. It offers the most competitive prices in the market, making it the clear leader in terms of cost. Not only does EssayPro provide budget-friendly options, crucial for students, but it also offers lucrative discount offers. The A*Help team highlights EssayPro’s merits and ranks it at the top for its value-for-money aspect.

Best Cheap Essay Writing Services According to A*Help

An infographic that shows a list of 5 cheap essay writing services with the A*Help score assigned to each

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