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🔥 published September 4, 2023 - updated January 31, 2024

Quick Overview

The side-by-side comparison of Rytr.me and Jasper.ai showed that both services can provide a quality experience when it comes to generating an academic essay. Nonetheless, Jasper offered a higher-graded essay, with wider text creation and paper formatting opportunities than Rytr. After reading Jasper reviews and scrolling through the platform, we found that Jasper was also pricier, as the lowest cost for a monthly subscription plan was $49, while with Rytr there was an option to have access just for $9/month. Still, Jasper scored higher in the A*Help ranking scoring 75.7/100 pts against Rytr’s 70.2/100 pts, which makes it a better option between the two.Available browser extension

Liked about Rytr
  • Extended free trial
  • Versatile support system
  • Available browser extension
Liked about Jasper
  • Variety of text creation options aside from generation
  • Opportunity to create a paper outline
  • Great quality of text
TOP services Our verdict A*Help score 🔥 Updated January 2024
Service icon
Best AI Essay Generator 84/100 Get free access
Service icon
Best document analysis 79.4/100 Read review
Service icon
Best variety of features 77.6/100 Read review
Service icon
Best for essay generation 77.21/100 Read review
Service icon
Jasper AI
Best features 72.7/100 Read review
An infographic with a short Rytr vs Jasper comparison describing the ways these 2 services were tested and how the winner was picked
Best fit forStudents who need to create their writing quickly and for freeStudents who need quality text and value a variety of text creation options
A*Help Score⭐⭐⭐⭐
Paper Quality⭐⭐⭐
Rytr’s essay was graded with 77.9/100 pts and showed flawless spelling but low efficiency and acuity.
Jasper’s essay got graded 82.1/100 pts and had excellent grammar, but lacked efficiency and objectivity
Overall Experience⭐⭐⭐⭐
Using Rytr.ai was highly convenient since the text generation was quick and with no limits
Jasper offered quick and limitless text generation, as well as ensured a simple website use
Value for Money⭐⭐⭐
Rytr offered a great opportunity to use their services for free but lacked a variety of services and text creation options
Jasper had a 7-day free trial and offered different text creation options, but still was rather expensive and with limited services

When comparing Rytr vs Jasper, they may seem very similar. However, these two have one main difference – Jasper provides a greater quality of writing than Rytr does. Still, there are a few other differences that you may want to consider as well when picking one option.

Rytr.me was founded back in 2021 as a content-generation tool for various writing purposes. Just over the last three months, this platform encountered 2.8 million visits from users all over the United States and other countries. After going through several Rytr reviews, we thought that such a versatile platform recognized by customers around the world must be good for any kind of writing, academic as well.

Jasper.ai, (previously known as Jarvis), was also launched in 2021. This platform mostly caters to business teams and companies wanting to create quality content. Over the last 3 months, this website has been visited 4.2 million times which only proves its great popularity. 

Having noticed some similarities in both Rytr and Jasper, we decided to put both services to the test and see, which one would better handle students’ need for quality academic writing.

Rytr vs Jasper.ai: Comparing Main Features


Daily plan
Monthly PlanSaver – $9/month, Unlimited – $29/monthCreator – $49/month, Teams – $125/month, Business – Custom pricing
Annual BillingSaver – $9/month, Unlimited – $29/month + 2 month with each plan for freeCreator – $39/month, Teams – $99/month, Business – custom
Free Trial
10k characters/month

7-day free trial
A screenshot of pricing plans at Rytr
Pricing plans at Rytr (click to see a large image)
A screenshot of pricing plans at Jasper
Pricing plans at Jasper (click to see a large image)

Rytr vs Jasper AI: Which is Best for Essay Writing? 

Paper Grade77.9/10082.1/100 pts
Word Choice84%96%
Word count557 words544 words

Rytr vs Jasper.ai: Overall Winner

In a Jasper.ai vs Rytr.me trial, with Jasper being a popular Writesonic alternative, the former emerged as the winner, scoring higher in the general A*Help rate by 5.5 points. Jasper had better essay quality, as well as greater opportunities to work with the text and format it according to paper standards right on the platform.

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Is Rytr or Jasper better?

Jasper and Rytr seem to be similar services. However, according to our mystery shopping experience, Jasper.ai showed slightly better results. The essay created with the help of the platform got graded higher than Rytr’s text, and it offered more options for paper formatting and text creation. 

Who are the competitors of Rytr?

There are many sites that offer similar services to Rytr.me. Its main competitors are Jasper.ai, Copy.ai, Writesonic, and Simplified. To learn which one of these AI text generators is better, refer to our comparative reviews and A*Help ranking. 

Rytr vs Jasper.ai: Main specs 

A*Help Score70.2/10075.7/100
> Website experience  
Aesthetic Interface
Easy-to-use platform
Simple Essay creation flow
Trying before registration
Full time to generate essay5 minutes5 minutes
Wordcount limits
> Support System  
Support chat/phone
AI chat
Research assistant
In-text citations
Reference finder
MLA and APA Citations
Grammar check
Free trial/plan
Limits10k characters/month7 days
simple text
can be done
paragraph structure
can be done

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