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Most Common Criminal Justice Research Topics

Research scope in Criminology – Topic Ideas

Criminology may offer a wide variety of research topics:

  • Examining various theories on criminal behavior
  • The impact of intelligence on the prevalence of crime
  • The effectiveness of capital punishment as a deterrent
  • Police brutality in the United States
  • The role of technology in facilitating cyberstalking and cyberbullying
  • The connection between terrorism and organized criminal activity
  • Ethical considerations in decision-making within the criminal justice system
  • The consequences of drunk driving on rising accident rates
  • Identifying key traits of stalking behavior
  • Strategies for reducing economic crimes
  • Gender bias in criminal investigations
  • Protocols for detaining minors
  • The challenges of the prison system
  • Best practices for preventing crime
  • Procedures for investigating crime scenes
  • The long-term effects of school suspension on later criminal behavior
  • The influence of domestic violence on crime
  • The media’s role in crime prevention
  • Advances in experimental criminology research
  • The use of forensic science in combating wildlife crimes
Default topics for criminal justice scholars 

Possible topics to investigate

Current global agenda suggests new topics for criminology research topics.

  • What factors contribute to the high crime rates among homeless individuals?
  • The role of an individual’s social standing and past criminal activity
  • The study of the causes and consequences of criminal behavior throughout history
  • How immigration status can affect criminal conduct
  • The correlation between age and likelihood of committing a crime
  • Atrocities and violations of human rights committed against a group of people
  • Legal frameworks and efforts to address crimes that cross international borders
  • The abuse of human rights during times of armed conflict
  • The connection between mental health and involvement in illegal activity
  • International efforts to combat corruption and crimes that harm economic and social stability
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Default topics for criminal justice scholars 

  • Common characteristics, themes, and behaviors associated with abduction and ransom crimes
  • The impact of media representation on public perception of crime and the justice system
  • The process of selecting jurors for a trial
  • The role of forensic science in modern criminal investigations and proceedings
  • Eligibility requirements and protective measures for individuals participating in the witness protection program
  • The prevalence and consequences of identity theft in today’s world
  • Ethical dilemmas faced by law enforcement professionals
  • Current challenges faced by law enforcement agencies
  • The effectiveness of community corrections programs in rehabilitating offenders
  • The use of crime mapping technology in criminal justice
  • Challenges related to poor living conditions in prisons
  • The role of problem-solving courts in addressing underlying issues that contribute to crime
  • Insights gained from studying the history of criminal courts
  • The concept of distributive justice in the criminal justice system
  • The steps involved in a criminal trial
  • The practical application of prosecution laws
  • Incidences of forgery in various settings, including workplaces, government agencies, and educational institutions
  • The classification and categorization of crimes
  • The punishment of crimes committed with a religious motive
  • Security measures implemented to prevent campus crime

Research topics according to crime types

Crime types may also include different topics for scholars and researchers:

  • Types of financial and corporate crimes committed in the workplace
  • The global scope and complexity of organized crime networks
  • The role of the internet in facilitating people and drug trafficking
  • Major hubs for human trafficking and exploitation
  • Factors that drive individuals to commit property crimes
  • Offenses that disrupt public order and safety
  • Crimes committed by manual or skilled laborers
  • The prevalence and impact of human trafficking in India and China
  • The causes and consequences of violent robberies
  • Strategies for identifying and preventing terrorist attacks
  • The increasing prevalence of high-tech crimes in the digital age


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