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 how to write reflective essayA reflective essay is not your run-of-the-mill academic assignment. From one side, they should be written with the observation of all the requirements, like formatting and other stuff. On the other hand, writing a reflective essay is a creative task, assuming a free flow of thoughts. Considering the famous expression “many people can’t be wrong,” I’ve composed the following list of recommendations based on a vast number of reflective essays I’ve proofread.

The Wrong Way to Write Reflective Essay

1. There is no point in wasting your nerve on yet another academic assignment. Reflective essays imply expressing how you feel about certain events and what thoughts they provoked in you—but why become emotional about something you don’t really care about, especially when someone else has got emotional over it? I mean, just look up your topic in Google: you will definitely find tons of opinions on your subject. Choose anyone you like.

2. Okay, let it be a real reflection! Pile up your arguments, ideas, and thoughts without any specific organization or structure. Jump from one subject to another, back and forth, and vice versa. Imitate the rapid flight of fantasy!

3. The first few paragraphs don’t matter. It is the main body part that contains your key ideas. So, the opening paragraph is just a formality: it does not have to be either eye-catching or intriguing.

4. Do you have any idea what to write in the conclusion? No? Then just nevermind.

5. Writing reflective essays is fun, because you are allowed to use I! That’s a unique chance, so use this pronoun everywhere.

6. Once again, “reflection” means expressing how you think or feel, and you obviously don’t do it in academic language. So, logically, slang is okay.

7. Make your reflective essay consist entirely of facts and quotations. Or, on the contrary, do not include any factual information.

This is how you can become an outstanding reflective essay writer. The only question is in what way are you going to stand out? Anyways, stay updated for even more useful info!

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