How Small Businesses Battle SEO Absurdities on Google
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Many small business owners are experiencing hardships when navigating the murky waters of Google’s search algorithm. This has become an essential part of businesses’ online strategies, given its dominance in the world of internet searches. However, understanding and leveraging this algorithm to optimize visibility and attract customers can be a labyrinthine task, often causing significant difficulties for those trying to make their mark in the digital marketplace.

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Key takeaways:

  • Small businesses face a compulsory task of writing for Google’s search robots due to its indispensable role in driving traffic and customers. This reliance often leads to the dilution of the quality of content.
  • As the race for search engine optimization (SEO) intensifies, more businesses are resorting to AI tools to automate the process, leading to an influx of SEO-bait articles.
  • While AI-generated content can aid in optimization, it does not always enhance the customer experience. As such, business owners often find themselves oscillating between genuine, meaningful content creation and SEO-driven writing.

The Evolution of GetBullish

Known for her engaging career advice and witty merch, Dziura transitioned GetBullish from a personal site to a flourishing e-commerce venture. However, as the site expanded, so did its interactions with Google’s search algorithm. This interaction left Dziura and countless other small businesses “struggling with the ins, outs, and absurdities of Google.”

To combat this, Dziura began automating her site’s content optimization using AI tools like Copymatic. However, despite these efforts, she found some areas, like product descriptions, underperformed, forcing her to adapt by adding more photos and text.

The Downside of Dependence on Google

The downside of Google’s dominance lies in its imposition on the user experience. Extra text and keyword-stuffed headers, while beneficial to SEO, often add little value for the customer.

In the case of Get Bullish, the products are self-explanatory and additional information isn’t needed. However, the Google algorithm doesn’t favor brevity, leading to a clash between SEO strategies and meaningful content.

Other Voices, Same Struggles

This struggle isn’t unique to Dziura. Other entrepreneurs, like Jones of the Anti-Gentrification Coffee Club #1 and Thai Le, a restaurant owner, share similar challenges. Their dependency on Google’s search algorithm has forced them to balance providing genuine content to their customers while also catering to Google’s opaque and ever-changing SEO requirements.

Despite these challenges, small businesses are not backing down. They are finding innovative ways to blend meaningful content creation with SEO strategies. As Jones shared, “We’re not hiring someone to work on our SEO and then hiring someone to make ads.”

The Intersection of Social Media and SEO

While Google remains a dominant player in the digital marketplace, businesses are noticing an increase in traffic from social media platforms. Dziura sees a growing trend of young people using platforms like TikTok and Instagram for product discovery.

Restaurant owner, Thai Le, also highlights the importance of platforms like Instagram for attracting customers. However, this also necessitates the use of AI tools to generate promotional content, adding to the complexity of the digital landscape.

As businesses wrestle with the pressures of SEO and the move towards AI automation, the struggle to remain visible and genuine in the online space continues. Whether small businesses will find a comfortable middle ground remains to be seen. Until then, the age-old adage holds: adapt or die.

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