Are you struggling to find effective, affordable ways to learn coding? With an abundance of online resources, choosing the right one that fits your learning style and experience can be a real challenge, particularly if you’re just starting out or prefer to learn independently.

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Key Takeaways:

  • YouTube offers a variety of channels catering to different learning preferences, from hands-on coding challenges to comprehensive, structured lessons.
  • It’s crucial to choose the right resource. While there’s a wealth of free content, not all of it is beneficial, especially for serious learners.
  • Channels run by experienced professionals provide valuable insights into coding, the tech industry, and career development, making complex topics more approachable.

The Internet has lots of ways to learn coding, but it can be hard to find good, affordable courses. Many people on Reddit are talking about this: “Is it possible to learn coding on YouTube?“. This article will show you some of the best YouTube channels for learning coding, perfect for people who like to learn by themselves or just starting out.

Finding the Right Resources for Learning Coding

When starting to learn coding, choosing the right resources can be a puzzle. Many people share their experiences on Reddit to help others decide. The currect discussion is whether it is possible to learn programming with the help of YouTube tutorials and videos. Let’s dive into what they say:

Nowadays, new ways of learning new things are in trend. And using YouTube for educational purposes is not ground-breaking anymore. One learner on Reddit community found success with Harvard’s free CS50P course. This person chose it because it’s from a reputable source, and it turned out to be a great decision. They recommend it highly, especially for beginners who are unsure where to start.

I had trouble making decisions at first too. I ended up taking CS50P from Harvard – it’s free. I figured if they think this is the way, then ok, I’ll roll with that. It was a great decision and I recommend that.

However, not all learning materials are equal. A 58-year-old learner expressed frustration with some YouTube tutorials, particularly those created by younger content creators. They often found these videos to be more clickbait than educational, with a lack of depth and too many shortcuts. This can be misleading and unhelpful, especially for serious learners.

As an old geezer, I find a lot of YouTubers under a certain age to be nothing more than clickbait cr*p. Sometimes I wonder if it’s even a real person involved. For example, “HTTP server in C” in ten minutes. I watched in absolute horror at the amount of corner cutting and excuses made.

Another experienced programmer, with 16 years under their belt, shared a preference for text over video tutorials. They believe that while YouTube can be useful, it’s not always the best for beginners due to the potential to get lost in a sea of opinions and superficial content. They suggest that beginners should start with a good programming book and reference materials. These resources provide unopinionated facts and allow learners to progress at their own pace, experimenting and understanding the language in depth. They also warn against blindly following advice against using certain programming features without understanding the reasons. Research and context are key, especially when dealing with more complex or controversial aspects of a language.

Youtube/video tutorials are not for beginners, it’s easy to get lost in them. Even if I’m pretty far into my programming career, I still far prefer text-bound material to video, because simply, it’s concise and to the point without opinions on why or why not. That’s why, for beginners (and when learning a new language in general), I always recommend getting a proper book and programmer’s reference for the language you’re working on.

The bottom line is: the importance of choosing the right learning resources based on your experience level and learning style. While free online courses and videos can be great, they often require a discerning eye to separate the wheat from the chaff. Books and structured courses might offer a more solid foundation, especially for those new to the field.

YouTube Channels to Learn to Code

With YouTube brimming with coding tutorials, there’s something for everyone, from complete beginners to experienced programmers. Alongside coding, you’ll find insightful content on interviewing and the tech industry. Given the variety, it’s key to find a channel that aligns with your learning style and goals.

🧑‍💻 Academind: Academind, created by Maximilian Schwarzmüller and Manuel Lorenz, is a treasure trove for web development enthusiasts. With over 841K subscribers, the channel stands out for its comprehensive coverage of a wide range of skills including Python, GitHub, and Bootstrap. Their videos, which vary in length from quick tutorials to extensive 1-4 hour long courses, cater to both beginners and advanced learners. The duo’s approach to teaching is detailed and methodical, making complex topics accessible to a broader audience. They also delve into specific topics through shorter videos, discussing the nuances of web development frameworks and best practices. Beyond YouTube, Academind extends its educational outreach through its website, offering premium courses and fostering a community on Discord. This channel is particularly suited for experienced coders looking to deepen their understanding of web development technologies.

🧠 CS Dojo: Hosted by YK Sugi, a former software developer at Google, CS Dojo demystifies coding for its 1.9 million subscribers. The channel excels in breaking down complex coding concepts into manageable, step-by-step tutorials, often using a whiteboard for clear demonstration. With playlists like “Building a Real Startup With Python and Javascript” and “Python Tutorials for Absolute Beginners,” CS Dojo structures its content effectively, allowing viewers to follow along as if they’re attending a full course. This approach is especially beneficial for beginners and those preparing for job interviews, with videos specifically designed to tackle common interview questions at tech giants like Google. The channel’s most watched video, a Python tutorial for absolute beginners, epitomizes its commitment to making coding approachable for everyone. CS Dojo is an ideal resource for experienced coders and job seekers looking to sharpen their interview skills.

👨‍🏫 Derek Banas: Derek Banas’ channel is a comprehensive resource for learners diving into programming, web design, and mobile development. Starting off with foundational languages and coding skills such as HTML, CSS, and SQL, Derek has evolved his channel to include advanced topics like machine learning math, Ruby on Rails, and video game development. His early focus on core programming languages provides a solid foundation for beginners, while his more recent ventures into specific domains cater to those looking to specialize. In addition to coding, Derek also covers essential math skills, offering tutorials on algebra, precalculus, and trigonometry, which are invaluable for both high school students and programmers needing a math refresher. Best suited for experienced coders and those seeking to improve their math skills, Derek’s channel is a rich repository of learning material.

🏫 freeCodeCamp: The nonprofit organization freeCodeCamp offers a unique blend of comprehensive, self-paced coding courses complemented by YouTube videos. Unlike many other channels, freeCodeCamp structures its videos to build upon previous lessons, creating a cohesive and cumulative learning experience. This methodical approach is particularly effective for students who benefit from structured guidance. The channel features an extensive range of topics, staying true to its name by primarily focusing on coding. It includes beginners’ tutorials as well as advanced subjects like “Linux for Ethical Hackers.” In addition to coding, the channel also addresses related areas such as job hunting and soft skills necessary in the tech industry. With some courses lasting up to 17 hours, freeCodeCamp is dedicated to providing in-depth and thorough instruction. This channel is best for those seeking a more guided and comprehensive learning experience in coding.

💼 Joshua Fluke: Joshua Fluke’s YouTube channel is a blend of technical learning and career advice in the tech industry. Apart from offering paid courses through his program Grind Reel, Joshua provides a variety of free resources on his channel. These include playlists focusing on learning Python, staying motivated in coding, and navigating the job application process. His content is not just limited to coding tutorials; he also discusses broader topics like avoiding exploitative jobs in tech, the benefits of remote work, and strategies for successful freelancing or side hustles. His interactive approach, featuring live videos and mock interviews, makes his channel particularly engaging. This format also allows for real-time interaction with his audience, making the learning experience more dynamic and responsive to viewer needs. Joshua Fluke’s channel is an excellent resource for individuals seeking a holistic view of the tech industry, from coding skills to career advice.

🚀 Syntax: The LevelUpTuts, started by Scott Tolinski and his friend Ben Schaaf in 2013, has evolved into a comprehensive learning resource for web development. The channel, now solely run by Tolinski, distinguishes itself with its accessible, user-friendly tutorials that boast high production value. With over 1,000 free videos, LevelUpTuts covers a wide array of topics, catering to a diverse range of learning needs. The content ranges from specific, narrowly-focused tutorials to broader series that viewers can follow, like “Meteor 1.4 + React for Everyone.” Scott’s approachable teaching style and the concise format of the videos, usually not exceeding 10 minutes, make the channel ideal for those seeking quick, bite-sized learning sessions. In addition to its extensive free content, LevelUpTuts also offers advanced paid programs on topics like code automation and React animation. This channel is a go-to for learners who prefer succinct, well-produced tutorials in web development.

👩‍💻 Life of Luba: Life of Luba, run by Luba Yudasina, offers a unique perspective in the tech YouTube space. Luba, with her background as a software engineer and product manager at companies like Airbnb and Yelp, brings a wealth of industry experience to her channel. She provides beginner coding lessons and shares insights into navigating the tech industry, drawing on her experiences in Silicon Valley. Her videos cover a range of topics from coding basics to crafting a software engineering resume and discussing the nuances of working in Silicon Valley. In addition to technical skills, Luba’s content also includes productivity tips, book recommendations for entrepreneurs, and insights into digital organization and coworking spaces. Her channel is particularly valuable for those interested in software engineering careers and seeking an insider’s view of the tech industry.

🚂 The Coding Train: Daniel Shiffman’s The Coding Train is a hub of creativity and learning in the coding world. Known for his high-energy videos and engaging teaching style, Shiffman makes coding accessible and fun for beginners. His tutorials cover a wide range of topics from the basics of coding to more niche subjects like building Twitter bots. The Coding Train stands out for its interactive approach, including live streams and collaboration with expert guests. Shiffman encourages viewers to participate in coding challenges, enhancing the hands-on learning experience. His use of bright graphics and full-screen demonstrations makes complex concepts easier to grasp. The channel is an excellent resource for those looking for a more dynamic and interactive approach to learning coding.

🥋 The Net Ninja: The Net Ninja, run by U.K.-based Shaun Pelling, is a channel dedicated to a variety of programming skills. Pelling’s straightforward, no-nonsense approach to teaching makes this channel a standout for learners who prefer concise, focused tutorials. Covering foundational, intermediate, and advanced skills, The Net Ninja’s content is organized into playlists, making it easy for viewers to find and follow specific topics of interest. Pelling’s focus is purely on teaching skills, avoiding personal vlogs or unrelated content. This direct approach is reflected in his videos, which typically stay under 15 minutes, ensuring that learners can absorb information without getting overwhelmed. For those looking for in-depth, straight-to-the-point lessons on web development skills, The Net Ninja is an ideal choice.

The Bottom Line

As you embark on your coding journey, remember that the right resource can make all the difference. Whether you prefer concise tutorials or in-depth courses, YouTube has options for every learner. Choose wisely and start coding confidently.


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