What if students were omnipotent, what would they ask for? No deadlines, more free time for their favorite subjects, a stable schedule, or an endless number of wishes? Sounds about right. Each semester, from freshmen to seniors and PhDs, learners claim they are being challenged by the system. But there is a hero that is here to fight the rising odds – Essay Writing Websites. Experienced helpers on the web are here for students to give a helping hand.

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Lately, essay writing services have faced a more almighty counterpart – AI. Being faster, edgier, and more accessible, ai text generators set a challenge to essay services. Today we will hear from them and find out how they are coping with a new reality in the education field.

We reached out to the leading essay writing companies to share their ideas about the Spring Semester 2023, highlighting its trends and main developments.

Essay Writing Websites

Right after the winter break, students are expected to skip into the classroom in high spirits and with bright expectations about the upcoming semester. Reality check: learners are not. Spring semester is the longest one in the year, it has fewer days off but more academic load. All of that is topped by the seasonal changes that affect how learners study in the academic environment. APA, the American Psychiatric Association, has made it clear that SAD, Seasonal Affective Disorder, is not something that has to be neglected. That’s why when trying to cope with winter blues, students would ask essay writing services for help with mountainous piles of essays and reports. Students of the University of Southern California open up about numerous burnouts that are on their way in the spring semester (Daily Trojan, a local newspaper). Their verdict is that the severity of the semester does not affect just the mental state but takes a toll on grades that can be fateful. 

American Psychiatric Association

Hence, the spring term is the busiest period for essay-writing websites and one of two high seasons for the academic help industry.

Insight #1. Rise of AI, a decline of small and quick essay orders

Yet this spring is different. AI has had a noticeable impact on consumer sentiment and the work of essay-writing companies. A significant number of students tried or at least were interested in the possibility of entrusting the writing of their work to ChatGPT and other services. 

AI feels quite confident in the essay-writing field. And students cannot be more satisfied. Our AcademicHelp experts have conducted research on around 600 American students from 43 states. Now, 20.30% of the learners are using AI text generators constantly in their studies. And this number is gradually rising. But what do learners use AI writing services for? 40.26% of students use AI platforms for writing assignments, for instance, they generate essays and research papers. This shift can put essay writing services in jeopardy. 

For students, AI text generators bring only advantages. However, according to the above-mentioned study, AI spreads concerns about academic integrity. Meaning that not only the market of essay writing services is being reshaped, but also the education system. Let’s hear more from essay writing companies. 


“It is worth highlighting that there has been a noticeable decline in the volume of light and concise orders during the spring semester, in comparison to the previous one. This decline can be attributed to the emergence of artificial intelligence as a tool for writing short essays. However, it’s reassuring that the overall demand for essays remains high despite this. This highlights the continued reliance of students on the services provided by Speedy Paper. It’s essential for the company to adapt and address the evolving needs of students while maintaining the quality of its services.”

CustomWritings also noticed changes:

“Yes, starting from March, we are witnessing specific changes in how students are looking for academic help. AI is a great helper. But to make sure that it brings more good than harm, users must have enough knowledge and skills. So, for fast fixes, students can rely on ChatGPT and other ai text generators. But in need of professional aid, students still would choose experts and essay writing services. Moreover, we see that just writing is a small part of essay writing, as there are research, analysis, and business case studies needs. And this is something AI is not able to perform. We see that control over the presence of AI in papers will become another integral part of quality service.” 

EssayShark shares the same opinion: 

“Of course, we see the rise of “ai essay writer” searches online and the appearance of dozens of AI tools of various kinds and for various purposes. People use them to find new ideas, to paraphrase their thoughts, to search for information, and sometimes to make their own phrases more grammatically correct. AI tools simply unburden the mental process of doing homework.”

However, that’s it. From this point on, human support will be requested again. Phillip Dawson, a professor at Deakin University, perceives the use of AI as a form of cognitive offloading. When using AI, students will no longer feel anxious about their homework. However, at what cost, if real experts, ensure a more in-depth and verified approach to dealing with the burden of homework? 

Cognitive offloading by  Phillip Dawson

Insight #2. AI – Threat or opportunity?

The rollout of AI technology was infectious. Flashfowarding to the future, AI is promised to introduce a personalized learning approach, provide instant feedback, and free up teachers’ time from paperwork and other mundane duties. But back to the real world, where the glass is half empty: aren’t we trapped in the vicious cycle of creating an even more faux environment for students than there is now? More AI in our lives equals less human interaction at schools and universities. Essay writing services have a definite position regarding this.


“In a short-term perspective, AI does really pose some kind of a threat. The hype around AI writing tools takes clients away. But they soon learn that AI offers more obstacles rather than new ways of writing. It might help with the research phase, but the writing part is way worse than expected. Thus, we are noticing the changes in the requests from the clients – they ask for analysis, fact-checking, editing and proofreading.”


“We do not perceive the active use of AI as a problem, but it definitely affects the way students use our services. An increasing number of students are experiencing the drawbacks of relying solely on AI. For instance, AI can fabricate facts and present them as truth within an essay. Moreover, the advancement of text detection programs has made it easier for educators to identify essays produced with AI assistance. As a result of these factors, students are reverting to using our service for their essay needs.”

And here’s the hard summary of the reality by EssayShark 

“AI is already being used in many forms of human activity. Programmers generate simple codes; artists generate art. Worryingly, journalists generate unverified news. Some universities, the University of Derby, have carried out research on AI-generated papers. Thus far, the AI-generated work isn’t living up to academic standards. AI was found to be using irrelevant or inappropriate references. Plus, the papers lacked critical analysis. We also don’t consider generated papers to be of sufficiently high quality. They usually need a good deal of fact-checking, editing, and finalization. At this point, most universities prohibit using AI tools in writing assignments, and some are serious about returning to pen-and-paper written works and in-class exams. There are known cases of university students being expelled due to ChatGPT usage.”

Drawbacks of relying on AI

AI technology is turning everybody’s heads in the education field. And just like any advancement, it brings the good and the bad in itself. The essay writing services are focusing on the changes and trying to see what they can positively do with them for students. Now, EssayShark, SpeedyPaper, and CustomWritings provide services that are directed at polishing, fact-proving, and editing artificially generated written pieces. 

Insight #3. AI and university regulations for 2023

All higher education institutions act in the direction of protecting integrity and ethics in the academic environment. Not only do they use plagiarism-checking software but also ai-detection tools. Earlier, the A*Help team had an opportunity to discuss the current state of events with both AI text generators and AI detectors. Now, let’s find out the stance of essay writing services. 

Studybay contributes to the matter:

“We understand that the academic community is concerned about the possible use of AI to create academic papers and the issue of precise AI detection, especially since most of the existing tools do not always show high accuracy. That is why we are actively developing our own tools for AI detection to detect AI false-positive patterns in text. We anticipate that educational institutions will enhance their approach to AI detection in the upcoming fall season, and we are ready to cooperate with them to ensure academic integrity and quality.”

AI detectors

Here is CustomWritings’ viewpoint on AI in education and the proactive position of education institutions:

“Unquestionably, universities already control the use of AI in written papers. And they are ready to invest more in this technology. We fully support this trend.

Anyone who works with words can easily detect AI-generated language in an essay. In fact, our essay writers can spot an AI-written paper in 9 out of 10 cases. AI language is poor in terms of structure and word choice. What’s more, it’s emotionless. We see it as a crime against the poetic nature of the English language. And we fully support colleges in checking papers through AI detectors. We also use AI detectors and plagiarism checkers. Thus, our clients can rest assured that the samples they order from CustomWritings.com are totally human-written and unique.”

AI can be easily detected


“Educational institutions are expected to formulate strict rules towards AI usage for homework. Universities are also trying to improve plagiarism detection tools like Turnitin so that they can detect AI-generated texts with high probability. On the flip side, some schools completely prohibit the use of ChatGPT, deeming that it will negatively impact learning. Perhaps some of the requirements will be changed with regard to completing writing assignments – they will likely become increasingly sophisticated. We think that international and very busy students will continue to need writing help, particularly in those cases where their academic institutions provide minimal additional learning support or in those cases where the students simply feel overwhelmed by their homework assignments or the problems in life that they face outside of the realm of academia. As for our plans for the upcoming season, we will continue to do our job effectively and, as always, we will continually improve our services. AI may cause a revolution in education, or it may not. We’ll see.”

SpeedyPaper team anticipates changes in the fall semester:

“To our knowledge, education institutions are already employing methods to detect AI-generated essays. However, it’s important to note that the current system for detection is not yet fully refined. If advancements in detection techniques are made over the summer holidays, more students will likely turn to reputable essay writing services. As a result, we anticipate a potential increase in the demand for essays as students seek reliable assistance while navigating the evolving landscape of academic integrity.”

AI detection is not refined

Essay writing services seem to be in tune with the agenda and want to do everything to aid students during another challenging semester which is highly anticipated. Many essay writing platforms understand that AI detectors are just like AI text generators – they come with an array of hidden disadvantages that can put students in the wrong position. While Customwritings, EssayShark, and SpeedyPaper set a goal to proceed to help learners with written papers, Studybay is ready to contribute time and skills to the development of a more advanced ai detector.

The Verdict

The spring semester was everything and more. And this time, it was demanding not only for students. Essay writing services met grand challenges on their path in the face of AI tools. For many homework-helping sites, it was hard to stay afloat since many students were fast to switch to AI writing services. 

On the other hand, the spring term is a yardstick for the upcoming fall season. Many essay platforms will continue to provide human-services with more advanced written pieces, and simultaneously they are ready to assist learners with proofreading and fact-checking. Others are ready to take significant strides in the direction of AI detection and saving students from being falsely flagged. 

The spring semester was tough for all homework-help websites, indeed. But essay writing platforms are ready for the second round being more prepared and assertive in their service to students.

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