Today, many YouTube channels are trying to put out lengthy, unedited, stream-like videos, prioritizing on quantity instead of quality, and this is all done due to YouTube’s monetary policy to get more timeline space for ad placement. Despite that, we can still succeed in finding awesome channels for young adults that are really friendly towards student time constraints and bring a lot of value in a concise manner. Today, we present Mariana’s channel.

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Study with Mariana is an awesome student YouTube channel we’ve enjoyed and now wish to share with you! She specializes in note taking, planning, and structuring homework assignments in the most efficient way.

You know when the “how to” videos can sometimes basically be 2/3 repeating the video title and have some substance only by the end? Better than nothing, sometimes, right? Well with Mariana, you don’t have to deal with that. The videos are edited and brief with a respect for your time. You won’t be led to procrastinate while watching them. Mariana’s short vids always cut to the chase and usually take only up to 5 minutes of your time.

This vlogger is a student from Portugal studying law. She’s into daily planning notebooks/devices, varied writing supplies and really knowledgeable in them as you will see.

Should you have any question Mariana doesn’t cover in the videos, you are free to ask via her Tumblr page. She will answer you personally or include the question into her Q&A.

With Mariana you will:

Know Everything You Need to Know as a Student
Having one of those “Darn, if only I knew this before!” again? Her useful advice will save from these anti-eureka moments that make us feel dumb occasionally. Learned from personal experience, Mariana’s insights will give you a welcome, instant boost.

Get Useful Tips on Learning a Language Online
If you take your time to visit a guide on how to learn a new language, Mariana’s quick easy tips won’t disappoint you. She is studying German, Portuguese being her native language. Useful tips she came up with in the process of mastering the language of Goethe and Nietzsche will prove useful for students willing to go get their hands dirty and really learn a new language.

Learn How to Have Efficient Study Breaks
Having to do the same brutal routine for lengthy periods of time is one of the bottlenecks in learning at home. It’s hard to find joy in the process and being left on your own—it’s hard to stay motivated. Mariana will show you a great set of efficient ways to have various refreshing breaks from your studying sessions, like taking different learning approaches, changing activities, swapping the subject, and more.

Get to Know More about the Newest and Most Useful Daily Planning Books
Wanted to do so much yesterday, but remember so little now? Luckily for you, Mariana does regular reviews of daily planners that help you structure entire weeks in advance. With them, you can spend your day efficiently, all the hard decisions made prior rather than on the fly.

Learn to Make Your Own DIY Notebooks and Planners
Additionally, there are a few in-depth guides on self-made, personalized planners. You can make one according to your needs and means. Cheap and efficient or more expensive and motivating to revisit, she even explores different approaches in terms of manual work you’d need to invest.

Study with Mariana is an awesome YouTube channel of a person who values her time and doesn’t waste yours. You will get an immense value from her videos. So, go ahead and subscribe.

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