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The age-old question of balancing hobbies and studies in college has resurfaced in a recent Reddit post. A new college student, already two months into their journey, finds themselves at a crossroads this Christmas season. They’ve been spending their spare time crocheting gifts for friends, a decision that’s sparked a bit of family controversy.

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Key Takeaways:

  • The student community overwhelmingly agrees that hobbies are vital in college, not just for relaxation but for maintaining mental health.
  • The discussion highlights the toxicity of discouraging hobbies, emphasizing that hobbies and non-academic activities are as important as academics for a well-rounded college experience. It’s important to resist negative attitudes, even from family members, and prioritize activities that contribute to happiness and mental health.
  • It’s important to find a balance between studying and leisure. Overemphasizing studies can lead to burnout, while leisure activities can reduce stress and enhance focus. Creating a schedule that includes time for both studies and hobbies is crucial for academic success and personal well-being.

The student’s mother has firmly advised them to dedicate all their time to studying, dismissing hobbies like crochet as ‘useless.’ This advice has left the student feeling conflicted. On one hand, they’re managing their coursework well, grasping concepts in class without much trouble. On the other hand, they wonder if they should be investing more time in additional research and study, even when the current academic load seems manageable. This predicament raises an essential question: Is it truly unreasonable for college students to engage in hobbies, or is there room for leisure activities alongside academic responsibilities?

Reddit Says Yes, Hobbies ARE IMPORTANT

In the case of this discussion, you won’t see all the different opinions regarding the question of whether having hobbies while studying is reasonable or not. The answer is clear as day and all Redditors said it: YES. Hobbies are an important part of your life as a college student and they shouldn’t be forgotten or ditched just because you need to study.

“That’s absurd. You can absolutely have hobbies while in college — and arguably, you should. There’s always more homework to do, so you have to stop at some point. What better way to relax than doing a hobby?”

Some even pointed out that not having hobbies or any activities besides studying is a great way to drive oneself to full-on burnout

“Spending every waking moment focused on classes is a good way to drive yourself insane and burn out big time.”

Hobbies, such as crocheting, play a crucial role in maintaining mental health, not just in college but throughout life. While some hobbies can be career-advancing, it’s not a necessity for all. Crochet, for instance, is a popular hobby among students for its meditative qualities. It offers a unique way to keep hands busy and minds focused, especially during less engaging tasks. For students with videos to watch for class, crocheting can be an accompanying activity, making the learning process more enjoyable. Interestingly, it’s not uncommon to see students crochet even during lectures. This is particularly beneficial for individuals with ADHD, as it allows them to focus on the lecture by keeping their hands occupied. In comparison to potentially distracting habits like incessant pen clicking, crochet serves as a less disruptive and more productive way to channel energy and concentration in an academic setting.

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Staying Away From Toxicity… Even When It’s Coming From a Family Member

Redditors also addressed the “toxic” nature of the mother’s comment regarding her child’s favourite activity.

“That’s toxic. It sounds like people who say you shouldn’t have hobbies early in your career, you should be focused on career advancement. Having a hobby is similar to being involved on campus but that’s seen as acceptable. It’s something other than academics (which is essentially your full-time job) that makes you happy. As long as you’re keeping up with schoolwork, be happy. College is hard and mental health is important.”

College life isn’t just about hitting the books all the time. As one student puts it,

“You can get good grades without working all the time. You should do things to make you happy. It’s about finding balance.”

Think about it – college is the perfect time to try out new hobbies, join clubs, and play sports. Why? Because it’s not just about getting perfect grades. As another student reminds us,

A Student is Told to Abandon All Hobbies While In College, But is it Reasonable?

But there’s more to college than just hobbies and grades. It’s also about making friends, having fun, finding love, and just living life. After all, as one comment points out,

“Besides hobbies, college is pretty much the best time to make friends, have fun, find love, live life…”

And remember, not everyone who’s successful had perfect grades in college. So, don’t stress too much about being perfect in every class. It’s your life, not your parents, and it’s okay to do what’s best for you.

And if you ever feel like your parents don’t get it when you talk about stuff other than studying, you’re not alone. One student shares,

“I found it’s best not to talk to your parents about anything outside of studying. Otherwise, you get judgmental comments.”

So, if you need someone to talk to, reach out to friends who understand. Remember, college is about finding that sweet spot between working hard and enjoying your life.

Finding a Perfect Balance Between Studying and Leisure

In our busy lives, juggling studies with some much-needed downtime can feel like a tightrope walk. It’s a balancing act between acing those exams and taking a breather to just be you. Why is this balance so crucial? Well, as many Redditors said, hitting the books non-stop can lead to burnout, and stress, and even affect how well you absorb information. On the flip side, leisure activities are not just fun – they cut down stress, boost your mood, spark creativity, and ramp up your focus when you do get back to studying.

So, how do you strike this delicate balance? First, sketch out a schedule that respects both your study goals and your chill time. Make sure you prioritize what needs your immediate attention. And hey, it’s okay to say no sometimes. Overcommitting yourself can wear you down. Remember, regular breaks are your friends – they keep your brain fresh and ready to soak up knowledge. But most importantly, figure out what works for you. Everyone’s different, and there’s no one magic formula that fits all.

Bottom line: Blending studies and leisure is key to not just doing well academically, but also to staying happy and healthy. Plan your time, prioritize, learn to say no when needed, take those breaks, and most importantly, find your unique balance. After all, taking care of yourself is as important as earning straight As on those exams!


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