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Hi everyone!

Recently I’ve wrote a post dedicated to words that can add more expression and emotion to almost any piece of writing. Today, I would like to continue this topic.

Remember that using these words does not automatically make you a better writer; also, you should not ignore the regular, less bold synonyms of these words. Overusing power words can cancel their effect; on the contrary, a “bull’s-eye,” when the word is used exactly when it should be, can greatly affect your readers.

So, here is the list:

  1. Ultimate (final)
  2. Ridiculous (funny)
  3. Overwhelming (suppressing)
  4. Astonishing (amazing)
  5. Startling (striking)
  6. Revolutionary (brand new)
  7. Authentic (original)
  8. Ironclad (indestructible)
  9. Appraise (evaluate)
  10. Ebullient (enthusiastic)
  11. Extraordinary (unusual)
  12. Rapture (delight)
  13. Exuberant (abundant)
  14. Mist (fog)
  15. Solitude (loneliness)
  16. Penumbra (shade)
  17. Redolent (fragrant)
  18. Succulent (juicy)
  19. Zenith (highest point)
  20. Rhapsodic (very emotional)

Enjoy, and stay updated for more!

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