CSS is a fundamental technology for web development. It allows you to control the presentation and layout of your web pages, ensuring they look polished and professional. One common design element in web content is bullet points. They are often used to create lists, which can make information more organized and easier to read. However, there are situations where you might want to remove bullet points in CSS to achieve a different visual effect. In this guide, we’ll explore various techniques to achieve this and make your web content stand out.

Understanding the CSS Properties

Before we delve into the methods to remove bullet points, let’s familiarize ourselves with the CSS properties related to lists. The primary property responsible for controlling bullet points is list-style-type. This property determines the type of marker used for list items. The list-style-type property can take various values, including “disc,” “circle,” “square,” “decimal,” “lower-roman,” and “upper-alpha,” among others. By default, unordered lists (<ul>) have a “disc” marker, while ordered lists (<ol>) use decimal numbering.

Method 1: Removing Bullets with list-style-type

The simplest way to remove bullet points in CSS is by setting the list-style-type property to “none.” This method is particularly useful for unordered lists (<ul>). Here’s how you can do it:

ul {
  list-style-type: none;

By applying this CSS rule, you instruct the browser to display list items without any markers, effectively removing the bullets. This technique is quick and effective, ensuring your list items are neatly aligned without distractions.

Method 2: Replacing Bullets with Images

While removing bullets is straightforward, you can also replace them with custom images or symbols to enhance the visual appeal of your list. To achieve this, you can use the list-style-image property. Here’s an example of how to do it:

ul {
  list-style-image: url('custom-marker.png');

In this example, the list-style-image property is set to a URL pointing to an image file named ‘custom-marker.png.’ The browser will replace the default bullets with your custom image. This technique allows for creativity in designing your lists.

Method 3: Removing Bullets from Ordered Lists

Ordered lists (<ol>) use decimal numbering by default. If you want to remove the numbers, you can apply a CSS rule as follows:

ol {
  list-style-type: none;

This rule eliminates the numbers from ordered lists, leaving you with a clean, bullet-free list. This approach is useful when you need to present content in a specific way that doesn’t require sequential numbering.


In web development, CSS empowers you to have complete control over the presentation of your content. Removing bullet points in CSS is a simple task, and you can achieve it by setting the list-style-type property to “none.” Additionally, you can replace bullets with custom images or symbols using the list-style-image property.

Understanding CSS properties and their applications is essential for effective web design. Explore various CSS properties, such as those related to backgrounds and text, to further enhance your web content. Custom markers for lists can add a unique touch to your design.


How can I remove bullet points in CSS?

You can remove bullet points in CSS by targeting the <ul> (unordered list) element and setting the list-style-type property to “none.” This CSS rule eliminates the default bullets, making your list appear without them.

What CSS property can I use to hide bullet points?

To hide bullet points, you can use the CSS property list-style-type and set it to “none.” This property is applied to unordered lists (<ul>) or ordered lists (<ol>) to remove their respective bullets or numbers.

Are there any CSS tricks to replace bullets with custom icons?

Yes, you can replace bullets with custom icons or images in CSS. Use the list-style-image property and specify the URL of your custom icon or image. This trick allows you to create visually appealing lists with unique markers.

Can I remove bullet points from a specific list item?

You can remove bullet points from a specific list item by targeting its parent <ul> (unordered list) or <ol> (ordered list) and setting the list-style-type property to “none.” This will affect only the list items within the targeted list.

Is it possible to remove bullet points for unordered lists only?

Yes, it is possible to remove bullet points for unordered lists only. To do this, apply the CSS rule to the <ul> element using the list-style-type: none; property. Ordered lists (<ol>) will retain their numbering while unordered lists will have no bullets.

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