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A*Help Score: 69/100
🔥 published June 26, 2024 - updated July 16, 2024

Quick Overview

ClassX offers an assistive essay grading service that excels in both value for money and giving detailed writing analysis. The tool evaluates readability, clarity, logic, vocabulary, and grammar, offering users a thorough breakdown of each aspect. While the interface is basic and the feedback presentation could be improved, the platform is simple to work with and gives useful insights. However, the grading accuracy might need some refinement, as it occasionally produces inconsistent results. Keeping all of that in mind, we graded ClassXwith a 69/100 A*Help score.

The Good
  • Detailed writing analysis
  • No registration needed
  • Can be used for free
The Bad
  • Inconvenient presentation of results
  • Questionable grading

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ClassX Review
Checking out ClassX (click to see a bigger image)

ClassX: Grading Quality  — 34/60 ⭐️⭐️⭐️

ClassX presented a really detailed analysis of the two of our texts. When checking the essays, it evaluated the organization, content, vocabulary, grammar & mechanics, and overall impression of both works. Yet, we were surprised to see that the well-written paper scored only one point higher (17/20) compared to the poorly made one (16/20). Besides, both of them were noted to have a good structure with some paragraphing issues, when in reality, the first text was not coherent at all, and the second one had everything logically organized and used a lot of transition words for better readability and flow. It’s important to note though, that ClassX analysis did provide some valuable suggestions on how we could improve the content of our writing. So, overall, considering a thorough analysis but a slightly weird grading system, we would say that even though this service can be a helpful essay checker, its evaluations should be taken with the grain of salt.

👍Well-Written Essay 👎Poorly-Written Essay
17/20Given Grade16/20
FineGeneral feedback with strong/weak pointsNot great
OkayEssay structureOkay
PerfectTopic focusNot great
PerfectSpelling and GrammarOkay
Doesn’t checkCitationsDoesn’t check

ClassX: Value for Money — 20/20 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

ClassX knocked our doors down right away with its both detailed grading form and work analysis. With this service, you can be ready to receive a grade based on the structure and logic of your content, as well as its readability, grammatical correctness, and vocabulary. Plus, it offers a grading form that allows you to specify not just the study level but also the subject you are writing for. All of this is available completely for free. However, with the Premium subscription for just $9/month, you will also have an opportunity to mention the minimum word count required for the work and the assignment title and description. Additionally, teachers will get a chance to both generate with the help of AI and upload their own grading rubric if they need it. Considering all of the above, it is clear to us how ClassX received its 20/20 value-for-money score.

A screenshot of Description of ClassX grading system
Description of ClassX grading system (click to see a bigger image)
Pricing & Subscriptions
Grading Aspects
Grading Platform

ClassX: Overall Experience — 13/20 ⭐️⭐️⭐️

The service, despite its very basic and not-at-all aesthetic design, was pretty easy to work with. When we entered the website we could grade our text right away by simply copy-pasting the text into the special form. There was only one ad that we noticed but it wasn’t distracting us from working. However, what ClassX could improve is the way it presents grading results. They are given in a table chart format with each aspect analyzed separately. Note though, that the places that need improvement aren’t underlined in the essay’s text which makes it a bit hard to identify the described issues. In general, putting aside these minor drawbacks, we can say that ClassX is a rather convenient platform.

Website Experience


ClassX doesn’t seem like an attention-worthy platform from the start, but in reality, it provides constructive and helpful feedback regarding the analyzed writing. With its help, it will be much easier to understand where your writing may not be as cohesive or where you move away from the initial topic. We wouldn’t recommend relying solely on its grading, yet, this service can be a good AI-powered partner for both teachers and students alike seeking essay-checking assistance.


Is ClassX Legit?

Yes, ClassX is a legitimate service. It provides free assistance with essay grading and doesn’t even require its users to sign up.

Is ClassX Safe?

Yes, ClassX is safe to use. The platform doesn’t require its users to create an account which means you can easily use it without providing any personal details.

Is ClassX Good?

ClassX received an A*Help score of 69/100 pts which suggests that this service can be a helpful solution for essay checking purposes. It can provide detailed reviews of the content with relevant feedback on the issues in writing.

ClassX: Specs

> Pricing & Subscriptions 
Free plan/trial
All Lessons
Earn Stickers
AI Tutor (XTutor)
10 AI Queries / Day
Monthly subscription
Premium – $9/month
Pro – $19/month
Annual subscription
Premium – $72/year
Pro – $152/year
> What is graded by the service 
Spelling, Punctuation, Grammar
All three
Overall impression mark and content analysis
> Grading Platform 
Can specify study level/grade/subject
Grade, Subject
In Premium: Minimum wordcount, Class + Assignment Title and Description
> Website experience 
Easy to navigate
Advertisements on the page
Registration (Can use Google, Facebook, or other accounts to register)
Not needed
Google & Microsoft sign-in
Convenient grading form
Shows word count/reading time/ characters
Ability to make changes on the platform
You can make changes on the platform
Can upload/download graded papers
> Support 
On-site chat/Help center
Email form
FAQ section
> Accessibility 
Desktop app
Extension to browsers
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