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A*Help Score: 58/100
🔥 published June 26, 2024 - updated July 16, 2024

Quick Overview

Studyable is an AI-powered online learning platform that combines Homework Help and Flashcard solutions, alongside the Grading Essay feature. The platform is very intuitive and provides a detailed overview of the texts’ issues and strong points. Mainly, Studyable can evaluate the cohesiveness, topic focus, structure, and argumentation of the writing. It can’t help with fixing readability or grammatical errors though. Taking into account the simplicity of use, and helpfulness with content evaluation, we graded Studyable with a 58/100 A*Help score.

The Good
  • Affordable pricing
  • Easy to work with
  • Detailed grading analysis
The Bad
  • Doesn’t underline grammar mistakes
  • Can’t edit texts on the platform

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A photo of us checking out Studyable App
Checking out Studyable App (click to see a bigger image)

Studyable: Grading Quality  — 34/60 ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Studyable was so simple to work with that it took us around 10 minutes tops. We just pasted our essays and in a few seconds received an analysis that included the overall score, the feedback about structure, content, topic discussion, and notes on how we could improve engagement and clarity. We would say that the bad essay received a grade a bit higher than it should have. Most prominently, the note from Studyable read that the text had a good overview of the topic. In reality, it was a rather patchy and illogical ramble on the subject. The good essay received almost perfect scores across all the aspects and was marked with 90%. So, it performed mostly as expected. However, what was special about Studyable is that even for a well-written work it provided in-depth comments on how each part of the text could be improved.

👍Well-Written Essay 👎Poorly-Written Essay
90%Given Grade65%
PerfectGeneral feedback with strong/weak pointsFine
PerfectEssay structurePerfect
PerfectTopic focusOkay
PerfectSpelling and GrammarNot great
Doesn’t checkCitationsDoesn’t check

Studyable: Value for Money — 12/20 ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Studyable doesn’t offer many services in terms of essay checking. Here, you will be able to get suggestions for clarity, and logic, as well as a little side note as to whether you have any grammar or punctuation issues. Yet, it gives another kind of feedback: in terms of engagement and evidence, underlining sentences that could use a more in-depth analysis or logical structure. The platform is also rather affordable. It has a free plan with a 3-use daily limit and a monthly Pro subscription available just at $5.99. Considering the pricing and the detalization of the writing analysis you can get here, we would say that Studyable is not so bad of an option.

Studyable Review
Pricing at Studyable (click to see a bigger image)
Pricing & Subscriptions
Grading Aspects
Grading Platform

Studyable: Overall Experience — 12/20 ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Studyable is a very convenient service with the only minus being that you need to register to use it. However, creating an account is pretty easy. The grading form was simple to manage and even allowed the addition of custom marking criteria. The parts that we found missing, however, were the breakdown of the text by word count and the opportunity to work with text after analysis right on the platform. On the other hand, this service gave us an option to download a detailed report after the checking process. Additionally, Studyable is also available in the form of a mobile app for even greater access and convenience.

Website Experience


What can we say, working with Studyable was easy and simple. We especially liked the detailed reports provided by the service. However, our team recognizes that this service lacks some functionality. It won’t help with improving readability, vocabulary, or grammatical mistakes. Still, despite a lower A*Help score, we would recommend trying this service at least once before making up your mind about using it.


Is Studyable AI Good?

Whether Studyable AI is a good service depends on your needs and preferences. This service will be particularly helpful for those looking for detailed feedback on the topic focus, cohesiveness, and argumentation. However, if you are looking for a tool to assist you with fixing grammar, then Studyable might not be the best pick.

Is the Studyable App Legit?

After carrying out our own mystery shopping experience, we can assure you that Studyable App is legit. We’ve worked with the service and checked out our essays with it. In the end, we got the results as promised.

Is Studyable Safe?

Yes, the Studyable app is completely safe to use. We’ve created an account of our own on the platform and can confirm that no extra information except for the email was asked from us. We also didn’t notice any data leakage issues or security breaches.

Studyable: Specs

> Pricing & Subscriptions 
Free plan/trial
3 uses/day
Monthly subscription
Annual subscription
> What is graded by the service 
Spelling, Punctuation, Grammar
only mentions separately that there are some mistakes
Engagement, Evidence
> Grading Platform 
Can specify study level/grade/subject
> Website experience 
Easy to navigate
Advertisements on the page
Registration (Can use Google, Facebook, or other accounts to register)
Apple & Google Sign-in
Convenient grading form
allows for a custom marking criteria
Shows word count/reading time/ characters
Ability to make changes on the platform
Can upload/download graded papers
download reports that both show the grade and improvement suggestions
> Support 
On-site chat/Help center
Help Center
FAQ section
> Accessibility 
Desktop app
allows for custom marking criteria
Extension to browsers
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