Analytical Essay Topics: Original, Interesting, Ready for Use

published November 15, 2018 - updated November 15, 2018

Students often get stuck when trying to decide what to write about in an analytical essay; that’s why we’ve prepared a set of first-rate topics for you:

  1. Analytical Approach to the Problem of Top Sportsmen Using Performance Enhancing Substances
  2. Cultural and Historical Context in Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice
  3. Analysis of Reasons Behind the Popularity of Street Art and Graffiti among Younger People
  4. Ethical and Economic Aspects of the Use of Animal Testing in Research
  5. The Process of Phobia Development: Why It Happens and What Are the Main Causes
  6. Gambling Addiction: Why Some People Develop It while Others Can Gamble Avoiding It
  7. Sleep Terrors: Their Causes, Effects, and Cultural Significance
  8. The Phenomenon of False Memories: Can False Memories Be Implanted?
  9. Events and Social Structures That Served as Background and Buildup Leading to the French Revolution
  10. The difference in Communication Approaches between Men and Women
  11. Influence of Growing up in a Single-Parent Family on a Person’s Psychology and Future
  12. Cultural and Psychological Dominance in Multicultural Families
  13. The Influence of TV and Internet Culture on the Development of Child Psychology
  14. Introversion and Extraversion: Are They Rooted in Biology or Upbringing
  15. Social Factors in Alcohol and Tobacco Consumption
  16. The Phenomenon of Muscle Memory: Causes and Applications
  17. Effects of Dyslexia on a Person’s Ability to Learn and Process Information
  18. The Origins of Fight or Flight Response and Difficulties It Causes in Modern Society
  19. The recession of 2008: Causes, Effects and Lessons We Should Learn
  20. Influence of Caste System in India on Modern State Politics

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