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AI Detector – Your Key to Saving Academic Integrity

With so many AI tools available to the general public, the greatest question we have now is what isn’t created by AI? These services write texts, create images, and videos, and even write code lines. However, as the experience shows, AI-powered solutions are not perfect, make a lot of mistakes, and can be highly predictable. 

These indicators basically became the basis for AI detectors. These tools were designed to catch artificially created content after its close analysis. The technology is most widely used for analyzing written content, as for now, it is the easiest one to access and assess. So no wonder they gained such a large popularity among teachers, trying to battle the use of ChatGPT and similar platforms by their students. They made the perfect addition to AI Plagiarism Checker services since both of these solutions were used to guard academic integrity. Yet, even though AI checkers continue to be trained, they also have their own issues, like giving out a lot of false positive results.

The Reason AHelp’s AI Checker is A Good Choice

Keeping in mind the possibility for AI detection tools to give assessments that can’t really be fully trusted, we decided to create a service of our own that would minimize that issue to the maximum. For this reason, we trained it to detect not just AI-generated texts, but rather point out sentences in the writing that are either likely or highly likely to be AI. This allowed us to raise the accuracy levels of our tool, making it the right choice for those checking important papers.

AI Content Detector – Available for All

It doesn’t matter whether you are a teacher, who wants to make sure their class finished the assignments using their brains; or a student, who wants to protect themselves from unfair accusations, you can freely use our tool for your benefit. It is available without charge and can be used to check up to 3 texts per day. It is also versatile, as it detects content created by ChatGPT, as well as by other widely-used platforms like Bard, Gemini, and Bing.

AI Detection Tool to Kepp You Out of Trouble

With high positive rates, most AI Writing Detector services are not very helpful when it comes to proving oneself not guilty of AI use. Unfortunately, this has become something essential for students to do. Over the past 1.5 years, we have heard so many stories of learners being falsely accused and facing great problems because of it, that we felt like creating a trustworthy tool was the right thing to do. Now, you have an opportunity to protect yourself from academic struggles, by simply logging onto our Learning Hub and checking your work with our AI detector before submitting it. This way you will have your proof of innocence, in case any professor starts questioning your honesty. 

Free AI Detector

Use our AI Detector to check your text and see if it is human or AI generated from ChatGPT, GPT4, & Bard. Our AI generator essay checker is trusted and reliable - designed specifically to guard academic transparency.
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Is there really an AI detector?

Yes, indeed there is! To be fair, there are so many services that provide AI detection now, that it can be very hard to find just one to work with. Of course, each platform may vary in terms of accuracy and usability, but generally, if you search online, you will find a lot of websites with built-in AI detectors, such as Turnitin, AHelp, and Winston AI.

Are AI detectors 100% accurate?

To claim 100% accuracy would be to promise the moon, and while AI detectors are rather clever, they're not infallible. They operate on algorithms that analyze writing patterns typical of AI, but these can sometimes overlap with human writing quirks. So, while they're quite sharp, they're not the be-all and end-all.

Can you trust AI detectors?

Trust but verify, as they say. AI detectors are trustworthy to an extent and can be incredibly useful for an approximate estimation of whether a text might have been AI-generated. But like all tools, their conclusions should be taken with a grain of salt and not as an undeniable verdict. We would say that among the most trusted websites, you will find Winston AI, Turnitin, and AHelp AI Detector.

How do I know if my essay was written by AI?

You need to look for signs like a lack of personal touch, overly standardized language, or certain standout features that feel just a bit too mechanical. An AI detector can help you do that quickly and effectively, but your own keen eye for the human element in writing is irreplaceable.


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