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Free AI Detector

Use our AI Detector to check your text and see if it is human or AI generated from ChatGPT, GPT4, & Bard. Our AI checker is trusted and reliable - designed to ensure academic transparency.
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Do AI detectors really work?

AI detectors do work, but not with 100% reliable results.

What is an AI detector?

An AI detector is a special tool that determines whether something was human-created or generated by a robot, based on the analysis of the textual patterns.

How do you check if it was written by AI?

It’s simple - you just go to an AI detection tool, paste your text into it, and you get your result in seconds. One of the great solutions among such services is AI Detector – a platform that can check your writing for free.

What is the most accurate AI detector?

Accuracy of AI detectors is relevant. Results may vary. AcademicHelp free AI Detector could be considered to be quite helpful in finding AI-written parts of text.

Can AI detect cheating?

AI detectors can be used to check whether the text was created by a human or a robot. These findings (analyzed cautiously) can be used to decide whether the person cheated or not.

What do AI detectors look for?

These tools look for special characteristics in the text that show it to be less random and more systematic. When the words and sentences are not very varied and generally follow a similar pattern or structure, they will be perceived as AI-written.

Can an AI detector be wrong?

Yes, they can, since these tools are not 100% accurate and the results may widely depend on the language model that was used in text creation.

Can AI detectors be trusted?

Not entirely. Many researchers have found that AI detectors do not show 100% accuracy in their work, since they exhibit biases, false positives, as well as vulnerabilities to evasion techniques.

How do you get around an AI detector?

To not get in trouble when using AI for academic assistance, it is most helpful to incorporate your ideas into the text that you are writing. It’s also a good idea to utilize paraphrasing and rewriting tools to help you find other forms of expressing the same ideas.

How often are AI detectors wrong?

It was found that the overall accuracy of most AI-detecting tools rounds up to 28%. The most accurate tool was right in its detection by just 50%.

Can a professor prove you used AI?

If your work was run through an AI detector and the results showed a large percentage of AI-written or AI-assisted text, then this can be viewed as proof you used AI in your work.

How do I not get caught using AI?

It’s not a crime if you are using AI simply to help you find the right ideas or formulations. If you don’t want your work to get flagged though, rewrite/rephrase the ideas given by AI. Then run your work through a special checker — our free AI Detector can do that for you if you need to.

What AI detector do schools use?

The most popular AI detectors among schools and other institutions are GPTZero and Turnitin. Winston AI has also become a somewhat widespread option recently. A*Help’s AI detector, though, can also be suitable both for students and educators alike.

Are there free AI detectors?

Yes, there are, and our AcademicHelp AI Detector is one of them. Here you can check your writing at any time without paying a penny.

Can schools detect AI writing?

With the help of special tools, like our AI detector or Turnitin checker, schools can detect papers written with AI assistance. The result may not always be 100% accurate, but it surely hints at the trend in the written assignments.

AI Detector – A Reliable Tool for Important Tasks

Since AI text generation tools entered the scene, the question of the detection of their use has been constantly brought up by educators and content creators. Thus, AI detectors also made their appearance and became a necessity among students and educators alike.

We came up with our own AI Detector tool of our own that would be a helpful and accessible service for different educational and writing efforts. 

Why You Need a Chat GPT Detector

As a student, a ChatGPT detector will become your savior from false accusations and unnecessary academic troubles. You will be able to check your writing in advance and, if anything, present proof of your academic integrity to your professor. 

For teachers, an AI detector will make a great tool to keep the student’s writing quality on edge and their originality in line. And, in case you find some troubling tendencies, you will have an opportunity to talk about the ethical use of AI in academics.

How to Use AI Content Detector

Using our AI Detector is simple. You log in to your account, either paste your text into the special field or upload the document with the writing, and then press the button to run the detector. After a few seconds, you will have a full report about the AI used in your text that can also be downloaded as a file to your computer.

AI Writing Detector: Results & Limitations

When you look at the final report, you will see three types of results:

  1. The general score of the writing – AI Content Index
  2. The percentage of text that is likely to be AI-generated 
  3. The percentage of text that is highly likely to be AI-generated.

The sentences that potentially contain AI content will be highlighted in either lilac (likely AI) or purple (highly likely AI). This way you will be able to see which parts of your paper need improvement.

The AI Detector is free to use. Still, there are some limitations:

  • You get to use the detector 5 times a day
  • You can check up to 1000 words per one try.

AI Text Detector – Spot AI in Academic Writing

AI Detector is a perfect tool if you want to save some time and trouble and check your work before handing it to your professor. It’s also a great solution for those educators who are looking for ways to improve the quality of their students’ writing tasks. 


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