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Even though technology is moving forward, finding a good and free AI checker essay tool is still hard. As these detectors move forward and advance, so does the field of generative AI. Yet, AcademicHelp found its own solution – a service that can quickly scan through documents and determine AI levels with low false positive and negative rates.

The Reasons to Check Essay for AI

Both teachers and students can benefit from a timely check if essay was written by AI. As a student, checking your essays for AI can help ensure that your work is original and personal. It can help you avoid accidental plagiarism or accusations of reliance on AI-generated content. For teachers, AI detectors can also be a valuable addition to the toolkit, since it helps in maintaining academic integrity. They can use these tools to verify that students submit their own work rather than AI-generated nonsense.

Among the major benefits of AI checkers’ assistance include preventing academic dishonesty, encouraging original thinking, and improving the quality of education. By detecting AI-generated content early, students and teachers can address any issues before they become serious problems. This proactive approach can lead to a more honest and productive learning environment, where the produced work is genuine and reflective of the individual’s thoughts and efforts.

AI Generated Essay Checker: Quick Usage Guide

Academichelp free AI Essay Checker provides a straightforward approach to AI detection. First, you need to register on our platform to create your account. Then, all you need is your document. Our tool supports the upload of various file types: from pdf to, DOC, as well as rtf and odt files. You can also just insert the text into the platform’s field if that works for you.

After that, you just press the “Detect AI Content” button and wait for the results. When everything’s ready, you will receive the general percentage of AI-generated content spotted in your work. Aside from that, you will also see a breakdown of which parts have a lower and higher likelihood of being created by AI. 

Remember, our tool can accessed for free and you will be able to do three checks a day like that. You can also opt for one of our subscription plans if you are interested in long-term assistance or in case you are planning on checking a couple of documents.

Tips for Working with AI Paper Checker

We all know how these AI detectors work: you upload or copy-paste your work into the tool, the algorithms run their check, and you receive the percentage of AI-generated content detected in your work. Yet, there are a few tricks that can make the checking process more effective and lead to more accurate results.

  1. Use Multiple Checkers – Don’t rely on just one AI checker. Use different tools to cross-check results and get a more accurate assessment. You can work with Academichelp AI Essay Checker at first and then run the same text through another platform for verification.
  2. Analyze Writing Style – Pay attention to the writing style of the paper. You will see that AI-generated content often lacks a personal touch or voice. If the style seems too uniform or lacks depth, it might be AI-generated.
  3. Check for Logical Flow – Most of the time, AI struggles with maintaining a consistent logical flow. Examine the paper for any sudden jumps in logic or disjointed arguments.
  4. Look for Repetition – AI-generated content may repeat certain phrases or ideas. This is actually one of the aspects by which AI detectors recognize such content. So, you can also look for patterns of repetition that seem unnatural.
  5. Test for Understanding – If you suspect a section is AI-generated, you can either run this specific section through AI Essay Checker or try rephrasing the question or statement. You can then see if the response still makes sense. AI might struggle with nuanced changes.
  6. Examine Citations – Check the references and citations. Content created by artificial intelligence might cite sources that are irrelevant or nonexistent. This can also be checked by an AI Detector though.

Don’t forget that you can also check the document part by part to identify specifically problematic places in writing. Overall, with the help of these tips, you can enhance the effectiveness of AI paper checkers and ensure that your or your students’ writing is original and of high quality.

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How do you check if an AI wrote an essay?

To quickly check if an AI wrote an essay (either yours or somebody else’s), you can use AI detection tools like GPTZero, OpenAI's AI Text Classifier, or AI Essay Checker by AcademicHelp. These tools use special algorithms that recognize writing patterns, consistency, and other linguistic features to determine if the content is likely generated by AI.

Are AI essay detectors accurate?

Even though AI essay detectors are continually improving, for now, they are not 100% accurate. They can approximately pinpoint whether a text is AI-generated, but there may be false positives or negatives. Mostly, the accuracy of these services depends on the complexity of the AI model used and the sophistication of the detection tool.

Can teachers tell if an essay was written by AI?

Teachers might be able to suspect if an essay was written by AI based on a few characteristics such as unnatural language patterns, lack of personal voice, or inconsistencies in writing style. Nonetheless, without the help of specialized detection tools, it can be challenging for them to definitively tell if an essay was written by AI. That’s why a lot of teachers now use AI Detectors as special assistance in their work.

Can schools detect AI writing?

Yes, schools can detect AI writing by using AI detection software as part of their plagiarism and academic integrity checks. These tools, like AacdemicHelp’s AI Essay Checker, can help find out whether a piece of writing submitted by a student has characteristics typical of AI-generated content.

Do colleges use AI detectors?

Certainly, today, many colleges and universities are using AI detectors as part of their academic integrity measures. They may employ these tools to make sure that students' work is original and to maintain the integrity of their academic programs. Some of the most popular platforms used by institutions are Turnitin, OpenAI's AI Text Classifier, and GPTZero. Yet, it is worth noting that some institutions chose to abandon these practices altogether because of the high false positive rates of this technology.


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