Topics for the College Papers in the Field of Logistics

published November 20, 2018 - updated March 5, 2024

Even if English logistics essay composition isn’t your forte, you still have an opportunity to earn the best score by selecting one of the following logistics essay topics:

  1. The Origination of the Term “Business Logistics” in an Increasingly Globalized Supply Chain
  2. Decision-Making in Logistics and Procurement- Focus on Models, Strategies, and Challenges
  3. Transportation as a Vital Aspect of Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  4. An Overview of Inherent Risks in Logistics Management and the Strategies to Minimize Them
  5. Alexander the Great, Hannibal and the Duke of Wellington as the Greatest Logistical Geniuses
  6. The Impact of Logistics and Supply Chain Management on E-Commerce Capabilities
  7. Mitigating Supply Chain Risk Through Improved Confidence
  8. Logistics Capability, Logistics Outsourcing and Firm Performance in an E-Commerce Market
  9. Inventory Management – an Exploration of Methodologies Implemented in Three Different Industry Sectors in the United Kingdom
  10. Green Logistics: Professional Attempts to Measure and Minimize the Ecological Impact of Logistics Activities
  11. The Transport & Logistic Industry: the Welcome Business Cases for Automotive Technology
  12. Radio Frequency Identification: the Use of a Minuscule Computer Chip to Track the Product
  13. Cost Factors in Logistics – Analysis of Firm Perspectives and Implementation Strategies to Provide for Logistics Integration Cost
  14. Reverse Logistics Strategies for End-Of-Life Products
  15. Physical Metrics Used to Evaluate Inventory Systems
  16. Packaging Regulations in the United States and Practical Impact on Business Logistics- the Case of Confectionaries in the USA
  17. The Reasons for Enlisting Emergency Logistics Services

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