Arguable Topics for a Marketing Paper

published November 20, 2018 - updated November 20, 2018

It’s been forever since you’ve started the essay on marketing? If you still have no idea about what topic to research and how to create a great essay, here are some marketing essay topics you’re free to explore:

  1. Factors That Influence the Consumer Purchase in the UK
  2. The Impact of Brand Extension on Brand Personality
  3. Effects of Occupational Status on Female Food Purchasing and Cooking Behavior
  4. Can Brand Advertising Impact Political Campaigns?
  5. Are Customers Able to Differentiate Between Various Mortgage Offering by Competing Banks?
  6. How Can Consumers Safeguard Themselves from Underhanded Direct Marketing Strategies?
  7. What Can Be Learned from the Past Mistakes When the So-Called Word-Of-Mouth Communications Didn’t Succeed?
  8. Marketing Concepts’ Impact on the Performance of Commercial Banks in the USA
  9. The Pros and Cons of Profit Maximization Pricing
  10. Brand Communication: Analysis and Research on the Communication of Global Life Insurance Brands
  11. The Deceptive Ad Can Backfire: How and Why?
  12. The Attitude of Individuals in Different Roles Towards Direct Marketing
  13. The Relationship Between Customer Knowledge, Marketing Research, and Business Sales
  14. Effect of Self-Placement of Habitual Buying Products on Their Sales
  15. Urban vs. Rural Marketing Challenges to Be Mindful of
  16. Building a User Network of NGOs & Donors through Online and Offline Media
  17. Effects of Gender on the Buying Decision of the Family
  18. Customer Loyalty and Brand Personality
  19. Customer Care Management and Satisfaction of Selected Eateries in California
  20. The Impact of the Brand Image on Customer Preference and Taste

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