Good Persuasive Essay Topics Are Waiting for You

published November 15, 2018 - updated November 15, 2018

Experience problems choosing a topic for your persuasive essay? Here is a list for you to choose from:

  1. Traditional Exams as an Obsolete and Harmful Method of Evaluating Academic Achievement of Students
  2. Can Animal Testing Be Prohibited without Catastrophic Consequences for Medical Research?
  3. Can Alternative Energy Sources Ever Fully Replace Fossil Fuels?
  4. Capital Punishment: an Effective Measure of Crime Prevention or an Unethical Practice?
  5. Climate Change: a Natural or an Anthropogenic Process?
  6. Potential Ways of Resolution of Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
  7. Should Textbooks in Schools Be Considered Outdated and Replaced with Tablets?
  8. The Use of College Network Filters: a Necessary Measure or Unlawful Censorship?
  9. Globalization: a Necessary Inevitability or Something that Can (and Should) Be Avoided?
  10. Is Grade System in Schools Effective or Counterproductive?
  11. The Need for Genetically Modified Organisms in Order to Establish Sustainable Food Sources for Growing Human Population
  12. War on Drugs as a Counterproductive Measure That Breeds Crime Instead of Achieving Its Intended Goal
  13. Energy Drinks and the Dangers of Their Excessive Consumption
  14. Microchipping Pets and Homeless Dogs: Pros and Cons
  15. Use of Animals in Zoos and Circuses: an Unethical Practice or a Time-Honored Tradition?
  16. Home Schooling vs. Traditional Education: Advantages and Disadvantages of Both Approaches
  17. The significance of Computer Science, Programming and Related Disciplines in Modern Education
  18. Strategies for Prevention of Rare Species Extinction
  19. Summer Classes and Their Role in Maintaining Academic Performance in Kids
  20. Security Cameras: an Invasion of Privacy or a Necessary Safety Measure?

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