Debatable Issues to Prepare a Philosophy Essay On

published November 20, 2018 - updated November 20, 2018

The website features good philosophy essay topics and academic resources for college students and researchers in the field of Philosophy, both Western and Eastern. serves as a research, writing, and study guide for every student looking for philosophical answers to the questions they receive in class. Make sure to check the following philosophy essay topics suggestions to find an interesting one for the essay of your format:

  1. Knowledge Is the Only and the Ultimate Tool to Change Human Nature
  2. The Wave of Philosophic Movement in the United States of America
  3. Is Suffering an Integral Part of Human Life?
  4. Is Democracy Suitable for Every Country on the Globe?
  5. The Balance Between Peace and War: Is There any Possible Compromising?
  6. Infallibility of Knowledge in Plato’s “The Republic”
  7. If We Eat Chickens, Why Not Dolphins, Puppies or Babies?
  8. Should Governments Penalize Citizens for Unhealthy Lifestyles?
  9. Is It Possible to Live a Normal Life and Never Lie?
  10. Is It Normal to Kill Coma Patients on Life Support to Provide More Resources to Other People?
  11. We Create Our Happiness by Helping as Many People as Possible
  12. Is Believing in God a Good or Bad Thing?
  13. Prejudice and Freedom are Opposites which Attract
  14. Contemporary Problem and Moral Theory
  15. The Crucial Role of Observation in Theory Testing
  16. Evaluation of Chalmer’s Critique of Popper’s Methodology of Falsificationism
  17. Women and Life on Earth: What Is Ecofeminism?
  18. Living a Life of an Unhappy Human Being or a Happy Dog? What Should We Rather Choose?
  19. To Understand Human Nature, You Have to Understand Sexual Desire
  20. Would You Choose to Live in a Computer Simulation if It Will Make You a Lot Happier?

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