Adverb Positions


What is an Adverb?

Adverbs are words that modify verbs, adjectives, or even other adverbs by indicating when, why, where, or how something happened; in other words, adverbs are needed to explain conditions under which events occur.

For example: I watch movies rather often.

Tomorrow, I will bring you the book you were asking for.

Adverb Positions

Adverbs are usually used together with verbs and adjectives. Depending on this, they can stand in different positions.

Adverb + Verb Positions

1. Front (adverb is placed before the subject):
e.g. Yesterday, I came home late.
2. Middle (adverb is located between the subject and verb):
e.g. I always do my best to help my friends.
3. End (adverb is placed after a verb or object):
e.g. Please, read the assignment attentively.

Adverb + Adjective

In this case, adverbs are usually placed in front of an objective.
e.g. I look really businessy in my new suit.

Types of Adverbs (examples)


Yesterday, tomorrow, today, often, regularly, always


Here, there, everywhere


Really, almost, terribly, nearly


Kindly, gently, humbly, weirdly


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