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future continuous tense

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What is It?

Using will/won’t + be + verb (present particle) when you want to say an action will be in progress in the future or to describe something that has been scheduled.

When to Use?

Cases Examples
* When you want to say an action will be in progress in the future. 1. Dan will be playing baseball later this evening.
2. She won’t be diving into the pool after Henry gets in the water.
* Describe something that has been scheduled. 1. He will be writing you a letter after dinner.
2. Don’t call me after 2pm. I will be attending a party for my uncle.

Key Phrases

Wh-questions: when, what, who, why, which, where, and how.


  1. Where will she be writing her thesis this afternoon?
  2. What will he be wearing for Halloween?
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