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What is It?

The future tense is needed to show that certain events are just about to happen.

When to Use?


* When a future event is predicted


– Alien invaders from outer space will arrive to Earth by the end of September.

* To express willingness or unwillingness


I will go to the shop instead of you, but then you can do the laundry.
I won’t spend my whole summer mowing lawns!

* To make an offer (I) or suggestion (We)


Should I watch your kids while you go hang out with your friends and leave them all by themselves?
Shall we dance?

* To express a decision made spontaneously


I will pay for everybody’s beer at the bar!

* To ask for advice or instructions (I)


– I mortgaged our house to pay for all my new Apple gadgets. What should I tell my parents now?

* When an order is given


You will do what I say, or else I will get moody and stomp my feet.

* When an opinion or assumption regarding the future is expressed


I think he won’t marry her, because her left leg is shorter than the right one.
In the future, dolphins will become so clever that people will trade merchandise with them.

Important Phrase

“Going to”

This construction is used to bring about our plans and intentions for the future.

E.g. Amazing stunts here! We are going to drink Coca-Cola, eat Mentos, and then see what happens to us! Don’t miss this unique chance. Real science!

Another case of the use of going to is when we make predictions about the future based on evidence from the present.

E.g. Look at his face. He’s going to explode from anger.

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