Past Habitual Tense

past habitual tense

What is It?

It deals with the verbs used to or would, or the simple past tense of a verb (I saw, you called).

When to Use?



Describe a situation that was in the past, but no longer exists. 1. We used to have a big fluffy dog who would lick us top to bottom, but then it got sick and soon died.

2. I used to enjoy school, though now I no longer consider it a fun place to go.

*Show how an event happened repeatedly or continuously. 1. We would buy caramel candies and root beer every Friday.

2. Hilary used to dance every day in order to win dance competitions.

Important Extra: Time-Specific

There is a different type of past habitual tense called time-specific past habitual. It uses the word before.


  1. Before becoming a master-level chess player, I studied over 30 books on chess.
  2. Before we married, we dated for 60 years.

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