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What is It?

Using had + past verb (past particle) to express actions or events that could of happened or someone had wished had happened.

Cases Examples
* To express actions or events that could of happened. 1. Had they agreed to our proposal, we would have won the war against Iran.

2. I would have bought a new car if the line at the dealership had not been so long.

* To show someone had wished something had happened. 1. I wish they had arrived on time, so our eating contest did not have to go on until midnight.

2. Brian had finished his homework on Thursday, I hope?

Used in Subordinate Clauses

Subordinate clauses are a part of a sentence that cannot stand on its own, as it would be incomplete. These type of clauses describe verbs, nouns, adjectives, adverbs, and pronouns. They can also act as a subject or object of another clause.

Example of a subordinate clause:

“The book Mick wrote about dinosaurs is awesome.”

*The phrase Mick wrote describes the noun book.

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