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Word Order in English Questions

The word order in English questions is the same as in positive sentences: subject — verb (predicate) — object. The main difference is you need to put an auxiliary verb (which depends on the time you use) in the beginning of a question.

e.g. [Positive] You (subject) need to do (verb/predicate) your homework (object) today (time).

[Question] Do (auxiliary verb) you need to do your homework today?


Sometimes you will need to use question words, or interrogatives. They are usually put in front of auxiliary verbs. There are six basic question words in English, all starting with the letter “w”: why, when, where, what, who, and which.

e.g. Why (question word) would (auxiliary verb) somebody (subject) want to say (verb/predicate) something like that (object)?

e.g. When (question word) do (auxiliary verb) you (subject) need to make (verb/predicate) that call (object)?

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