Word Order in English Questions


Word Order in English Questions

The word order in English questions is the same as in positive sentences: subject — verb (predicate) — object. The main difference is you need to put an auxiliary verb (which depends on the time you use) in the beginning of a question.

e.g. [Positive] You (subject) need to do (verb/predicate) your homework (object) today (time).

[Question] Do (auxiliary verb) you need to do your homework today?


Sometimes you will need to use so-called question words, or interrogatives. They are usually put in front of auxiliary verbs. There are six basic question words in English, all starting from the “W”: why, when, where, what, who, which.

e.g. Why (question word) would (auxiliary verb) somebody (subject) want to say (verb/predicate) something like that (object)?

e.g. When (question word) do (auxiliary verb) you (subject) need to make (verb/predicate) that call (object)?


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