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September 15, 2011

Human Resource Manager

McKelsey & Company                                                                     Re: Associate Position


Dear {Name},

With reference to your website, the Associate position advertised therein demands a hardworking, focused, and determined individual who can perform managerial functions. I believe that with my qualifications and experience, I am the most suitable candidate for this position.

From my previous work experience, I acquired excellent problem solving and leadership skills. While working at BRC, I took the initiative to devise and implement a comprehensive vocational services program that would integrate courses on clinical and administrative roles. The program enabled trainees to achieve milestones in their vocational skills and was a great success.

At the Texas Medical Center, I instituted changes in organizational design and devised a communication plan that would assist mentally ill individuals in finding employment. A year later, these initiatives increased their enrollment in education and training programs.

During my tenure at FedCap, my duties revolved around working with staff in enabling them to evaluate their talents and personality, and match them with various occupations. In addition, I engaged personality psychologists in regular consultations and involved them in the evaluation of my clients. They executed individual assessments of my clients using the plans I had devised for each of them.

I have a doctorate in Applied Organizational Psychology, which I believe has provided me with the grounding necessary to execute the role of an Associate. I completed my PhD within three years with a 3.93 GPA while working full-time. I completed my master’s program while working full-time, and earned the distinction of Magna cum laude.

My key contacts, Abby Donson and Terry Foelke from the Austin regional office, gave me the motivation to pursue this position.

My telephone and email contacts are (000) 000-0000 and [email protected].

Thank you in advance, as I look forward to your kind and favorable consideration.


My Best Regards,



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