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14th July, 2012


Lloyd Matters

Managing Director

Midwest Bank Inc.

P.O. Box 1850

San Francisco, CA


Dear Mr. Matters,

I am writing this letter to apply for the position of a Financial Controller in Midwest Bank Inc. Through this letter, I wish to convey the reasons why I consider myself qualified and well-suited for the position, as well as my personal motivation to fill this vacancy.

Having studied economics, financial operations management, marketing, and purchase and sales management for the last two years, I am about to graduate with a Master’s in Finance this coming June from the University of Southern California. My motivation throughout all six years of studying finance has been to be able to work in the fast-paced, challenging environment of a big financial institution, to be able and eager to always stay on pulse with the current financial situations, and to take responsible executive decisions based on my knowledge, experience, and professional flair. Coming from a family of bank workers, I will be representing the third generation of financial consultants, corporate sales managers, and financial controllers. I believe that the way I have been raised has greatly influenced my motivation and dedication to work in a competitive environment, as well as my ability to concentrate on details and stay focused for as long as it is required, while rescinding from any distractions.

While working towards my B.A. in Finance, I had undertaken an internship in the Danville branch of Midwest Bank. I worked as an assistant to a sales manager, helping promote the company’s products and services. I enjoyed the daily routine of a bank worker, liked my responsibilities, and coped well with the tasks that were set for me by the sales manager, as well as those I set for myself. Looking back at those three months, I now realize how practical, important, and valuable that experience was for me. Above all, it helped me understand what it means to work for a top-level bank in America and what it means to be able to constantly strive for better results and demonstrate improvements and sales efficiency, every single day.

Once I had that experience and breathed that peculiar air of financial magic, I knew I would not be able to compromise for less and work in a bush-league financial company, or a small state bank. I am ready to dedicate myself fully to the profession I have deliberately chosen for the rest of my life and I am also well aware of the possible challenges and downsides of being involved in this kind of profession.

Since my mother, my uncle, and my grandfather have all been bank workers and have achieved great results in their field of corporate crediting and debt financing, I know firsthand what to prepare myself for. Therefore, I intend to dive into the profession that I find so inspiring and challenging at the same time and start proving, from the very first day, that the choice you made, when approving me for the position, was the right one.

Please review my resume and see the contact details of my personal references noted below.

I hope to hear from you soon and thank you, in advance, for your time and attention.


Yours Sincerely,


Laura F. Jenkins

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