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Hayden Carruth


The Sanskrit root word
for “war” means literally
“desire for more cows”.


So be it. I am
a wholeness I’ll never know.
Maybe that’s the best.

Etheridge Knight


Morning sun slants cell.
Drunks stagger like cripple flies
On jailhouse floor.


To write a blues song
is to regiment riots
and pluck gems from graves.

William J. Higginson


Holding the water
held by it—
the dark mud.


New Year’s Eve
thieves have left my car open
in the falling snow

Peggy Willis Lyles


Deep chords
from the practice room
a bee stirs applemint


Autumn sea
a little girl’s love
of small brown shells

Jerry Kilbride


End of a long day
the old bartender’s feet
take the floorboards home


Nursing a friend with AIDS
I close the window
against rain

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