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Haiku Samples

Haiku is an ancient Japanese form of writing poetry that uses images, seasonal words, and zen philosophy. Learn more about how to write haiku on your own by reading our haiku samples. You can use the haiku samples as templates.

Haiku of George Klacsanzky

George Klacsanzky (1956-2003) was the editor of the first haiku journal in the Northwest of the USA. He is featured in many anthologies and journals.…

More from Old Masters of Haiku

Basho in the cicada’s cry no sign can foretell how soon it must die from time to time the clouds give rest to the moon-beholders…

Modern American Haiku

Hayden Carruth 1. The Sanskrit root word for “war” means literally “desire for more cows”. 2. So be it. I am a wholeness I’ll never…

Modern Japanese Haiku

Toshiro Takeshita watching children sled over the hill— how old I am Hoshinaga Fumio 1) the amusement park full of nazis this autumn 2) toward…

Best of Santoka Taneda

Haiku Sample: Best of Santoka Taneda. Read to learn how to write your own haiku.


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