Detecting-AI Review:
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A*Help Score: 64.67/100
🔥 published January 8, 2024 - updated May 31, 2024

Quick Overview

Detecting-AI is an AI content detector that analyzes various types of written content, such as documents, articles, social media messages, and website content. It is designed to pinpoint AI-generated content created by different AI models like ChatGPT, GPT3, GPT2, and others. The website claims an accuracy rate of 98%, and our experience with the tool proves that it does its job quite well. 

The Good
  • Free
  • Works with files and URLs
  • Decent accuracy level
The Bad
  • Insufficient support opportunities
  • Results can’t be printed
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A photograph of Detecting-AI on a tablet screen
Detecting-AI on a tablet screen (click to see a large image)



Detecting-AI’s  Accuracy —31.67/50 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Detecting-AI shows a robust ability to distinguish between AI-generated and human-written texts. In tests, it correctly identified a text as 56.5% AI-generated, though it overestimated the human contribution. So, in general, if somebody would use an AI report writer and didn’t change a thing, it would be potentially flagged by the service. Its performance in detecting paraphrased content was less accurate, with a tendency to perceive such texts as predominantly human-written. Nonetheless, the tool’s overall accuracy in distinguishing between AI and human inputs is commendable, making it a reliable option for those seeking to discern the origin of digital content.

AI Detection Results: 19/30

  Human-written AI-Generated   Paraphrased
Score 8/10 6/10 5/10
Detection feedback This text is likely generated by Human. 75.7% Human generated
24.3% AI generated
This text is likely generated by AI. 43.5% Human generated
56.5% AI generated
This text is likely generated by Human. 72.8% Human generated
27.2% AI generated

Detecting-AI’s Value for Money —16/25 ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Detecting-AI scores well in terms of value for money, offering a free service with no limits on usage. We believe, this is a significant advantage for users who need AI detection without the burden of subscription fees. The lack of a free trial is not a concern given the free nature of the service. However, the absence of detailed pricing plans for additional features or higher limits means users have limited options for scaling up if needed.

A screenshot of homepage at Detecting-AI
Homepage at Detecting-AI (click to see a large image)
Tech detection
Available tools
Input sources

Detecting-AI’s Overall Experience — 17/25 ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Users will find Detecting-AI’s interface aesthetic and user-friendly, with a focus on ease of use. Registration is not mandatory and can also be done using Gogole sign-in option, which simplifies the process. However, the lack of multi-language detection might limit its accessibility for some users. The website offers a quick process for analysis, but lacks features like a printable report. The overall experience is satisfactory, but there is room for improvement, especially in making the tool more comprehensive and user-friendly.

A screenshot of scanning results at Detecting-AI
Scanning results at Detecting-AI (click to see a large image)
Website experience


Detecting-AI Reviews focuses on offering the most dependable information to our audience. As a consequence, we enhance our results with user evaluations acquired from websites like as Reddit, Trustpilot, and Sitejabber, in addition to our personal experience with each service. This produces the most objective and comprehensive testing results.

Is Detecting-AI a Scam?

Detecting-AI is an AI-generated text recognition tool. The service runs legally and is offered free of charge, providing no financial risk to consumers. As a result, the tool appears to be a reliable alternative for recognizing AI-generated material.

Is Detecting-AI Legit?

A reputable online service must meet certain standards to operate. Detecting-AI meets these standards. Its focus on evaluating documents or language to discover signs of AI-generated material does not violate any laws. Therefore, Detecting-AI is a perfectly legal service provider.

Is Detecting-AI Safe?

It is safe to use Detecting-AI. There were no suspicious activity identified throughout our work with the service. Detecting-AI, like other legit online companies, follows standard security standards and privacy policies. This commitment contributes to the protection of user information and the provision of a secure experience to its users.

Is Detecting-AI Trustworthy?

We have found Detecting-AI to be a reliable service provider. It offers a clear service offering, as well as transparent processes. The service has demonstrated dependability throughout our interactions, establishing it as a reliable tool for those searching for AI detection.

Is Detecting-AI a Good Service?

It is definitely a useful and good tool for analyzing texts for AI-generated material. Our analysis of three different documents produced results that were quite similar to reality. As a result, this service is worth using.

Detecting-AI’s  Specs

Bard n/a
Human n/a
Human + AI n/a
Trusted in education n/a
API integration
Browser extension (Chrome)
MS Word
Addit. on-board tools
files (pdf, word)
simple text (copy-paste)
Code files
Batch files upload
Free trial n/a
Discounts n/a
Limits 5000 characters in free use
Loyalty n/a
Third-party sign-in options
Google sign-in
Needs phone number
Personal account
Aesthetic Interface
Quick process
Multi-language detection n/a
Printable report
Clear results
Leave a message
Instant chat
Social media channels
FAQ and guides

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