GPTZero Review:
based on real mystery shopping

A*Help Score: 47.67/100
🔥 published August 9, 2023 - updated September 19, 2023

Quick Overview

GPTZero is a reliable provider with a good set of services, an appealing interface, and swift, seamless functionality. However, when it comes to content detection, the results of the tests are difficult to interpret clearly, and their accuracy may not fully meet expectations, raising questions about whether it ranks among the best AI content detectors

The Good
  • Batch files upload
  • Free version
  • Inexpensive paid plans
The Bad
  • Reports can’t be printed
  • Detection accuracy

GPTZero key takeaways infographics

SpeedPaper Review

GPTZero’s Value for Money —20/25

Tech detection
Available tools
Input sources

SpeedPaper Review

GPTZero’s Overall Experience —16/25

Website experience

Text scan window at GPTZer
Text scan window at GPTZero (click to see a large image)
SpeedPaper Review

GPTZero’s Detection Accuracy —11.67/50

Detection results at GPTZero (click to see a large image)
Detection results at GPTZero (click to see a large image)

AI Detection Results: 7/30

Human-written AI-Generated   Paraphrased
Score ⭐️(2) (0) ⭐️⭐️⭐️(5)
Detection feedback Your text may include parts written by AI Your text is likely to be written by a human Your text is likely to be written by a human

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GPTZero’s Specs

Human + AI
Trusted in education
API integration
Browser extension (Chrome)
MS Word
Addit. on-board tools
files (pdf, word)
simple text (copy-paste)
Code files
Batch files upload
Free trial
Limits 5000 characters free
Loyalty Users can receive a 30% commission on all payments for paying customers you refer to
Third-party sign in options
Needs phone number
Personal account
Aesthetic Interface
Quick process
Multi-language detection n/a
Printable report
Clear results
Leave a message
Instant chat
Social media channels
FAQ and guides


GPTZero Reviews

This independent review of the service results from painstaking research work, which included an evaluation of GPTZero from all points of view that may be of interest to users. Additionally, our final verdict integrates the perceptions of other individuals who have engaged with the tool’s services and shared their opinions on platforms like Sitejabber, Trustpilot, and Reddit. As a result, you receive a complete and all-encompassing assessment of this service.

Is GPTZero a Scam?

This service offers a free version that allows users to scan up to 5,000 characters, enabling them to verify that the tool is operational. Since no payments or prior commitments are demanded, it’s clear that GPTZero is not a scam or any other fraudulent scheme.

Is GPTZero Legit?

It functions on the same principles as any other trustworthy online enterprise. There’s nothing unlawful about analyzing documents or textual content for evidence of artificially created material. Therefore, GPTZero is an entirely legitimate company.

Is GPTZero Safe?

Yes, using GPTZero is considered safe. Like reputable online businesses, it adheres to standard security protocols and privacy policies to ensure the protection of user information and provide a secure experience.

Is GPTZero Trustworthy?

Yes, it is a trustworthy service provider. Its practices and offerings are transparent, and it has demonstrated reliability in its operations, making it a dependable choice for those seeking an AI-detection tool.

Is GPTZero a Good Service?

The A*Help rating of 47.67 indicates that GPTZero is a good service overall. It is easy to use, and it offers good value for money and a pleasing user experience.

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