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A*Help Score: 74.3/100
🔥 published August 14, 2023 - updated June 6, 2024

Quick Overview

AI-Writer is a quick and effective AI text generator that will help you in creating an essay from scratch or improve an existing draft. The lack of certain formatting options is evident, but it is a small price for overall high-quality of writing. 

The Good
  • Well-written essay
  • Seamless and quick workflow
  • Various subscription options
The Bad
  • No grammar and plagiarism checkers
  • Formatting in specific citation styles is not supported
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You should remember that the brilliant television drama “Downton Abbey” subtly explores how introducing new technologies impacts the characters’ daily lives, work, and social structures. When the first telephone line is installed in the estate, Mr. Carson, the butler and a firm traditionalist who advocates for a conservative lifestyle, greets this technological marvel with keen interest but little enthusiasm, perceiving such innovations as disrupting the established order of life. However, in just a few episodes, we witness him gradually embracing the technology he once resisted, realizing that a new thing can become a “useful and valuable” improvement rather than an unwanted disruption.   

While the modern era is much more engaged in the various achievements of technology growth than previous generations, it also lives in a fascinating moment in which AI-driven tools predominate in introducing advances. Among them, AI writers have a special place. While they may be interpreted in various ways, making any conclusions without investigating their abilities would be mindless. As a result, the AcademicHelp project provides a detailed review of the text generator tool suitably titled – AI-Writer. And if you want to know more about what we specifically investigate in AI writing tools and how we do it, you can read our tutorial on How we evaluate AI essay writers.

AI-Writer Review: Verified Mystery Shopping 

Mr. Carson, the butler from “Downton Abbey,” didn’t just pick up the phone and start talking. He carefully looked at it, raised the receiver up and down, and even practiced his “Hello! Carson the butler speaking” intonation for answering calls. We take our work seriously, much like Mr. Carson. Before we review a product, we thoroughly check every piece of information we can uncover about it through mystery shopping. 

What is immediately obvious is that any AI-text generator, including AI-Writer, can write, meaning it can produce some sort of information. We realize this is hardly enough for anyone, let alone students who must keep in mind various academic writing requirements, such as the necessary word count, tone of language, and formatting style, among many others. That is why simply being able to create text is not enough for us. We want to know if AI-Writer can follow particular directions and how well the output matches expectations. Thus, we requested AI-Writer to create a personal essay about exemplifying the feeling of gratitude, aiming for 550 words.

Professor Low, our academic partner, always analyzes the work and offers her professional judgment on whether the paper is correctly prepared from a technical standpoint and how well it satisfies the criteria in terms of content. The professional evaluation concludes our research, which results in assigning the A*Help score for the service on the 100% scale. This rating may be regarded as a transparent and trustworthy calculation of the AI tool’s performance, as our score is based only on personally verified facts, cost-effectiveness assessments, overall experience, and expert analysis of writing quality.

We asked Ms. Low about her stance on such technologies and if it had evolved over time:

Of course it has. Not only my opinion but educators’ in general. According to a recent Educator Confidence Report, an increasing number of instructors want to adopt AI technologies in the classroom. Many of them now feel that AI can help educators create lesson plans and writing prompts. As long as students learn how to utilize such tools effectively and are aware of the implications of doing so poorly, AI in education can be more of a benefit than a burden.

It is intriguing that an increasing number of instructors are adjusting their attitudes about technological breakthroughs, and AI is progressively becoming for them what the telephone eventually became for Mr. Carson – a “valuable and useful tool.” Let’s see if AI-Writer has the capacity to impress students and maybe even teachers.

AI-Writer’s Paper Quality — 35.3/50 ⭐️⭐️⭐️

We consistently highlight that our evaluation is exhaustive, with all elements balanced to ensure the best user experience with a given tool. However, within the A*Help score, work quality accounts for 50% — equivalent to the value for money and the overall experience combined. Certainly, the quality of work is a critical factor in the effectiveness of any tool. If Mr. Carson’s telephone failed to perform its primary function, it would be no more than a curious yet worthless novelty on the desk.

How does the AI author work? Once the chosen topic is entered, text generation begins, with an estimated completion time in minutes and a countdown. Following that, the final content appears in a separate window containing a list of used sources, which in our case were only websites. The text’s “uniqueness score” is also displayed on the screen, highlighting areas where quoted chunks were used. Users can also access basic editing options before saving the document in TXT format, printing it, or removing it from the dashboard.

The score of 86.7 reflects a solid performance in document formatting and integrity, achieving a perfect 100%. While the length is nearly ideal, sitting at 98%, a slight extension in content could enhance it further. The mechanics are robust, with an overall score of 93%, showcasing strong spelling, grammar, punctuation, and word choice, but with minor room for improvement in spelling and grammar. Although citation formatting remains ungraded, a notable area for attention is reasoning and logic, which scored 72%. This is due to varied performance in efficiency and objectivity (both 51%), contrasted with excellent acuity (100%) and very good clarity (85%), indicating a need to bolster logical flow and objective presentation in the content.

While the assessment clearly outlines the technical aspects of the essay, Professor Low provided commentary on the content produced by the AI-Writer.

The essay effectively highlights how gratitude is not simply a passive emotion but an active practice that can positively influence one’s outlook and interpersonal relationships.

However, there are areas where the technology slightly underperforms. While personal stories are compelling, ensuring a clear and coherent structure would enhance the essay’s impact. Organizing thoughts and experiences in a way that smoothly transitions from one point to the next, maintaining a logical flow, would contribute to a more complete picture. Additionally, while the examples are vivid and relatable, integrating more insights or critiques from Demartini’s book could provide a more balanced and in-depth exploration of the topic. I’ve also noticed some repetitive phrases and patterns. Overall, the exploration of gratitude, both in personal and broader contexts, is praiseworthy. With further refinement in structure and depth of analysis, this writing could not only share experiences but also offer a robust critique and reflection on the topic.

Find a more in-depth description of the paper’s score below:

Score 86.7 Document formatting is great! |Observations:| {Integrity}: 100%. {Length}: Just a tiny bit short (98%)—try to write a bit more. {Mechanics:} 93% (spelling 90%, grammar 90%, punctuation 97%, word choice 96%). {Citation formatting:} ungraded. {Reasoning, logic:} 72% (efficiency 51%, acuity 100%, clarity 85%, objectivity 51%).

The paper’s assessment and score indicate a high quality of the final generated output, however, it still demonstrates certain problems associated with automatically created written material.

Paper score: 86.7/100

⭐Parameter ✅ Personal Essay
Paper score 86.7
Creation time 3-4 minutes
Number of words 530 words 

AI-Writer’s Value for Money — 18/25 ⭐️⭐️⭐️

We believe the value of any service is what distinguishes it from other similar tools serving the same function. These might include better pricing offers, attractive extra features, the availability of functionality on various devices, and other helpful benefits. Remember what Carson told the telephone line installer when he initially refused to connect two phones in the estate? He said that if that was the case, he would find another phone provider willing to do it. Even then, the value-for-money component came to the fore in the battle for the customer. AI-Writer does not particularly amaze with its extensive capabilities. There are two operating modes: “research and write” and “reword and enhance.” The first is meant for immediate text production on a specified topic that the user must enter into a designated form. Following that, there are two alternatives for writing the content: a “1-click article” (where the service does everything on its own) and a “tailor-made article” (where additional options exist for changing the text). The user specifies the desired title, keywords, subtopics for the content, and word count. We believe this method is the preferred choice, and while it takes a bit longer, the final result will be more satisfactory. It is worth mentioning that during the trial period, the generated text will not exceed 500 words.

A screenshot of the dashboard at AI-Writer
Dashboard at AI-Writer (click to see a large image)

The “reword and enhance” mode is intended to enhance current text material. Students should enter and improve the completed work by paraphrasing, using citations, and citing sources. The “enhancement” tool lets you put the text through a spell and grammar check, resulting in a polished English result. We tested this feature and can confirm that it did improve the quality of our original content. Another element of the service is keyword-based topic generating. AI-Writer claims great SEO relevance based on key search engine auto-completions and suggestions, as well as data from Google Ads.

We believe it’s also equally important to cast light upon the areas where the tool could potentially elevate its user experience and functionality. The absence of a chat assistant, for instance, limits real-time interactive support for users encountering operational challenges. Furthermore, while the tool does facilitate paraphrasing and citation, the lack of automatic citation capabilities in various academic and professional styles (such as APA, MLA, or Chicago) slightly dampens its value for students and professionals adhering to specific formatting guidelines.

Unlike Carson from “Downton Abbey”, we know what mobile devices are and the freedom they provide. Therefore, we should mention that the only method to access the service is through your computer screen. Unfortunately, browser integration through an extension is not available, nor is a mobile app. Yes, you can use the tool from the phone in the browser version, but the convenience of this solution should be determined by everyone individually. 

A sceenshot of pricing plans and features at AI-Writer if paid annually
Pricing plans and features at AI-Writer if paid annually (click to see a large image)

Users can try all of the service’s features during a one-week free trial with a 500-word restriction. Those interested in establishing a long-term working relationship with the service will be offered three membership plans: “basic” – $24 per month, “standard” – $49, and “power” – $312 per month when paid yearly. A good deal that adds value to a subscription is two free months with any of these plans. 

In the spirit of Carson’s pragmatic approach to technological adoption in “Downton Abbey,” it’s necessary to weigh the evident merits of AI-Writer against its limitations. The tool indeed offers a robust platform for content creation and enhancement, yet it also invites reflection on the areas where it could further evolve to meet the diverse and dynamic needs of its user base across various devices and contexts.

Subscription & Limits
Free trial
Text creation options

AI-Writer’s Overall Experience — 21/25 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

The overall experience of using devices, be it prototypes of the first phones or cutting-edge AI-driven text creators, stays with users much longer than the immediate result of their work. 

Often, it is the first impression that determines whether a person will return to a specific service or explore alternative options. Carson had no choice, but we have plenty of them.

Registering on the site is a matter of a few minutes and is straightforward, posing no issues. Although logging in with existing Google or Facebook accounts is not available, it doesn’t take long to enter your email and create a password. 

The website boasts a pleasantly spacious interface design enhanced by a subtle color palette. Almost all operations are available from a single page, with seamless and quick screen transitions. One major advantage of the service is the absence of marketing or promotional content. Nothing stands in the way of the work, which, although not immediate, is relatively quick to make most customers happy. Text generation, from subject input to finished product, takes no more than 3-4 minutes, which we consider a worthy result.

Generated essay at AI-Writer (click to see a bigger picture)

Individuals who face issues using the tool’s functions or have general questions can address a few assistance sources. We recommend watching the video tutorials and reading the FAQ section to understand all usage processes. Other than that, the support team is always there to answer any further queries you may have.

If you’re curious about available payment methods, AI-Writer is likely to meet your expectations. Among electronic wallets, only PayPal is provided. However, the selection of credit card operators is broad, including all major providers.

Our experience with the AI-Writer was positive, leaving only a favorable impression. Moreover, it’s even difficult to pinpoint an aspect that deserves criticism. While adding more electronic wallets and third-party registration options would enhance user convenience a little, we don’t evaluate these shortcomings as critical.

Website Experience
Text creation time


“Downton Abbey”  beautifully intertwines technological advancements with the socio-cultural changes of the era, providing a glimpse into how traditional norms were challenged and transformed during this period of rapid industrialization and modernization. 

We’re observing a parallel scenario in the 21st-century context, where artificial intelligence tools are transforming traditionally conservative domains like education. Even teachers are gradually acknowledging the potential of these technologies, much like Carson came to value the telephone, Robert Crawley saw the utility in automobiles, and Lady Mary embraced innovations in fashion. Today, we recognize AI-Writer as a commendable exemplar of its generation of text generators, and our A*Help score of 72.3/100 illustrates our willingness to recommend it.

FAQ Reviews

We always conduct a detailed overview of the platforms we select, including reading user opinions from Reddit, Sitejabber, and Trustpilot. This research, coupled with a practical test of the platform, offers us and our readers a full insight into the service and our position to be objective.

Is a Scam?

We always verify the reliability of every platform we test. We can confirm that is not a scam, as we requested and received a completed task from their AI text generator.

Is Legit?

You need not worry about the legitimacy of A*Help only reviews services with a wide customer base and an established name on the market, and is one of them.

Is Safe?

After using the AI essay writing tool, we can confidently say it’s a secure platform. We didn’t face any security issues or suspicious activity and were only asked to provide our email during registration. So you don’t have to worry about data leaking at

Is Trustworthy?

The A*Help team generated a personal narrative essay using, and we got a high-quality text that matched American university standards. This directly points to the fact that the site is trustworthy.

Is a Good Service?

We thoroughly reviewed all the necessary criteria to determine if the service qualifies as a good essay-writing platform. scored 72.3 out of 100 on the A*Help score, which means it is indeed a good service.

Is Free?

No, isn’t completely free. However, you can sign up for a limited free trial and try out the service before fully committing to it. There are three monthly plans on the site, which include Basic – $29/month, Standard – $59/month, and Power – $375/month.

Can write my College Paper? is a multi-purpose tool that can be used by marketers, copywriters, and students. The A*Help team tested if it could meet all the requirements. Our mystery shopping revealed that, while it can draft a college-level essay, it’s best used as an additional tool during the writing process and not the main one.

Does have Anti-Plagiarism Features?

No, AI-Writer doesn’t have any anti-plagiarism features, so in case you want to check the produced essay, you can do it on a different platform.

AI-Writer’s Specs

> Website experience  
Aesthetic Interface 
Easy-to-use platform 
Simple Essay creation flow 
Trying before registration 
Full time to generate essay  3-4 min
Wordcount limits  Up to 1200 words
> Support System  
Support chat/phone
> Services  
AI chat 
Research assistant 
In-text citations 
Reference finder 
MLA and APA Citations 
Grammar check 
> Subscriptions & Limits  
Wallets (ApplePay, GooglePay, Paypal) 
American Express
> Free trial  
Free trial/plan 
with all pricing plans
Limits  1-week limit
500-word generation
> Text Creation Options  
> Text Submission  
Structure  Paragraph structure
References  Included

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