We all know about the problematic relationships between academic education and artificial intelligence: one day, teachers curse AI because it simplifies cheating, and the next day, they praise new technologies for groundbreaking shifts in the scheduling and essay revision processes. Not so long ago, we heard the shocking news: even principals use AI to streamline their tasks! So, students are not allowed to use AI assistants for their papers, but there are no rules written for teachers and principals? Let’s figure it out!

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Key Takeaways: 

  • AI helps principals manage stress and burnout by automating administrative tasks, allowing them to focus more on relationships with staff and students. This makes their roles more sustainable and efficient.
  • AI streamlines school administrative processes by analyzing data, scheduling programs, and providing unbiased insights for decision-making, significantly improving efficiency and effectiveness.
  • AI-powered tools offer personalized tutoring and tailored education plans, providing real-time feedback and assistance with assignments, potentially transforming the education system.

Principals Need AI: They Are Suffering from Burnouts! 

The principal’s position cannot continue in its existing form: the field is greatly endangered by the possibility of burnout. When principals leave their positions, it affects teacher retention and, in turn, students. AI may make their roles more manageable and sustainable by automating administrative and analytical work and helping principals to save time. In 2022, RAND Corp. conducted nationally representative research and discovered that 85% of principals were dealing with stress in the workplace and 48% were feeling burned out. Principals are still dealing with the long-term consequences of the pandemic, such as an increase in chronic absenteeism, student mental health issues, and teacher shortages, even if the immediate repercussions have decreased.

“There’s an urgent need to make the principalship more manageable, and AI innovation can help with that,” said Michael Martin, the principal of Buckeye High School in New Washington, Ohio.

From his early experiments with ChatGPT and related services, Martin compiled a suite of artificial intelligence technologies, including MagicSchool, BrightBytes, and Invideo AI. These allow Martin to spend more time developing relationships with instructors and students and less time on administrative or “algorithmic” activities.

Martin went on to say that the suite has evolved into a veritable “personal assistant,” “thought partner,” and “search engine” in one. Nevertheless, Martin has had to deal with AI’s limitations: for example, when he requested ChatGPT to produce a list of current research on a subject, he discovered that it frequently produced nonexistent papers and citations.

“I now ask it to list the APA citation, too,” said Martin.

Martin schedules meetings with coworkers and uses AI to summarize the messages in his inbox. He also uses AI for more complicated jobs, including making a public service announcement film on student attendance.

“What used to take me hours now takes 20 minutes.”

So, what processes Martin has already streamlined?

Administrative Processes in Schools and Colleges Are Becoming More Manageable with AI

For example, Martin uses AI to partition massive student datasets into more manageable portions. For students performing below grade level, Michael, for instance, had to determine the optimal time slots to provide lessons before summer vacation. By analyzing more than a hundred survey replies, the AI tool provided him with data on the percentage of parents who would sign up their children for summer school. According to Martin, making those decisions would take a lot more time without AI. 

The principal also revealed that he had emailed other district administrators about the delicate subject matter using AI. According to Martin, the AI may be impartial while providing the research the principal needs to support their point regarding a policy or state legislation.

AI Can Provide Students with Personalized Education 

Some principals even consider more advanced educational opportunities. The most obvious advantage of using AI in schools and colleges is personalized tutoring. Several principals believe that we need to start developing special AI-powered software for planning personal programs for every student, tutoring, providing real-time feedback, and checking assignments. Such software may become a giant step in system development and can announce the start of a new era in education.

The Bottom Line

There is nothing wrong with using AI: it is a helpful instrument that can assist in streamlining various tasks. Although AI can’t replace human operators entirely, it can optimize the daunting processes and handle most tedious parts of the working routine. People who use AI to speed up their work are no cheaters, such people are just taking advantage of new technology. You are not accusing taxi drivers of using cars instead of carriages, right? 

But at the same time, we must not forget about the hypocrisy regarding teachers’ attitudes towards their students. If AI is a tool, then students should have the right to use it to the same extent as professors. No one is talking about allowing students to submit entirely AI-written papers, but artificial intelligence could be legally used, for example, for research, editing, and fixing formatting issues. Besides, educational institutions can’t really check the usage of AI anyway, so what is the point in struggling against it?

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