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published November 24, 2023 - updated January 30, 2024

References are important for any academic paper. They must be properly styled and cited according to the given requirements. Creating each and every one of these citations by hand, however, can be daunting. In this case, you can benefit from a citation generator. The question is, how much will it cost you to create several lists from 30 or even 50 references? And that’s where you can take advantage of discounts and coupons offered by the platform.

Easybib Bonuses Available for Students

Easybib is quite a versatile platform that has a tool for citation generation but also provides services in plagiarism detection and grammar correction. The tool can be used for free to generate references in different styles, including Chicago, MLA, and APA citation generator Easybib.

Easybib doesn’t offer any discounts, mainly because the service can be used for free. However, it does have a few pricing plans for those who want to open a more extended list of features. You can choose either an EasyBib Plus plan for $9.95/month or a package of EasyBib Plus + Chegg for $19.95 a month.

A screenshot showing pricing plans at Easybib
Pricing plans at Easybib (click to see a bigger picture)

Here are the subscription plans at EasyBib and the main perks that you receive with them:

🎯Plan 💰Price🎁Perks
EasyBib Plus$9.95/month3-day free trialA variety of citation styles
EasyBib Plus + Chegg$19.95/monthChegg services

If you want to learn more about Easybib’s citation generator, go check out all the details presented in our full review of this service!

Where to Put the Discount on EasyBib

Not every service has a retention program. At least not all citation generators do. EasyBib, for example, doesn’t provide any discounts. Mainly because it offers an extended free-to-use option for its features. Thus, you won’t have an option to apply them anywhere on the platform. 

If you want to try the service’s full potential, you can benefit from a monthly subscription. Note that if you choose to purchase Easybib Plus for $9.95/month you will be able to try the service unlimited and free for 3 days. 

Overall, even though you won’t find that many special offers on this platform, you will still get to try its features at reasonable pricing.


What is the biggest discount on Easybib I can get?

There are no discounts on Easybib at all. Thus, there are no biggest or smallest offers to look for.  If you want to find a citation generator that has some special offers, read through our reviews and you may find some options. 

Where can I find Easybib coupon?

You won’t find Easybib coupons anywhere, since the service doesn’t have any discounts for its tools. The only offer the platform has is trying its features for free.

How much can you save on Easybib using promo codes?

You can’t save anything on Easybib promo codes as the platform doesn’t have any special offers. However, if Easybib doesn’t have promotions, it doesn’t mean that all citation generators don’t offer them either. Be sure to check out our other reviews to find more info. 

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