Disruptive Modifier

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What is a Disruptive Modifier?

It is a modifier (a word or phrase that enhances other words) placed in the wrong place. However, it is different from a misplaced modifier. A disruptive modifier is a part of a sentence that obstructs the natural flow of a sentence due to it being placed between a verb and an object.

e.g. I am supposed to check every single day my inbox messages for vacancy notifications.

In this particular case, every single day prevents the free flow of the sentence, and hence is referred to as a disruptive modifier.

Disruptive modifiers are often represented with split infinitives.
e.g. My friend wants to faster pass all the exams.

Typical Examples

Students were told to always submit their papers on time. (split infinitive)

Whatever people say, I remain a valuable, despite of my age, employee of this company. (disruptive modifier)

I find it unacceptable to even sometimes be late for a business meeting. (split infinitive)

I would want to never see it again! It was disgusting! (split infinitive)

No need to emphasize how Mr. Karter is the best possible candidate, due to his rich experience in the sphere of art direction, for this position. (disruptive modifier)


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