Flagrant Behavior

221 Parklane Ave.
Salem, OR 97301, USA
Phone: 555-375-0050

May 13, 2013

TechnoSalem, Ltd.
Consumer Complaint Division
412 Abbey Drive
Salem, OR 97301, USA

To whom it may concern,

Yesterday, on May 12, I visited your shop at 5 Cornwall Lane, hoping to purchase a new laptop. But unfortunately, I was not able to do so due to the flagrant behavior of one of your staff members who insulted me in public. Therefore, I am writing this letter to express my dissatisfaction with your services.

I am rather sure that I will never use your services again, but I am interested in your company taking measures that are necessary in such cases. When I entered the shop, I could not find the section with laptops because of my short sightedness which prevented me from reading directing signs (written, by the way, in rather small letters). Therefore, I approached one of the staff members (Tom Johns) and politely asked him to show me the way to the laptop section. But, all of a sudden, he started to yell at me, saying that he was busy (though he was doing nothing) and that he hated being distracted by “dimwitted buyers.” He also called me “blind fool,” which was completely insulting, minding that many customers who were present at the shop at that moment stared at us, which gave me moral discomfort.

In order to solve this problem peacefully, I would like to ask for a compensation for moral damage, which I estimate at $1000. I would also like to ask you to apply disciplinary actions to Tom Johns to make sure that no other customer will suffer from his impoliteness.

I hope we can come to a peaceful agreement on this issue. I am waiting for your reply until the 20th of May. After this term expires, in case we do not make an agreement, I will have to seek help from a consumer protection agency or the Better Business Bureau. Please contact me at the above address or by phone.


Louis Anderson


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